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3 Subtle Reasons Marriage Ends in Divorce and How to Avoid Them

Do you know a couple that’s gone through a divorce? Maybe you were surprised at the turn of events – but if you knew what went on behind the scenes, you might understand why things turned out the way they did. More often than not, little things build up over time – some of the more »

4 Signs That Sets A Low-Maintenance Girl Apart from the Crowd

While there’s nothing wrong with dating a high-maintenance girl, especially if you’re truly attracted to her, the anti-thesis is a great investment – and you’ll probably have more fun with her, too. It’s hard to tell the low-maintenance girl apart from the high-maintenance one, normally, because the former often looks just as lovely as the more »

Melbourne Escorts – If Your Girl’s A Narcissist, Here Are The Five Best Reasons You Should Break Up with Her

In an ideal world, a good romantic relationship would bring out the best in both people involved. After all, you’d choose your partner based on certain aspects – aside from her having a body like one of the Melbourne escorts you see online from time to time. You’re looking for someone who shares at least more »

Cheapest Escorts Melbourne – The Hottest Afternoon Sex Positions

When it comes to talk of sex positions, perhaps you may have already heard of the best positions one should try out in the morning, or at night. But, have you heard of the best positions for afternoon sex? I guess not, because most people hardly talk about afternoon sex, as we are either busy more »

The Everyday Bloke’s Quick Guide to Playing Hard to Get – When to Do It

Playing hard to get is something that women are known to do – but men can do it, too. It’s just not heard of too much because it’s somehow more difficult to pull off. That’s because whether a woman looks like she could be one of the Melbourne escorts you find online or not, playing more »

Young Escorts Melbourne – 4 Fantastic Ways for Teasing Her Boobs

If you ask the men which female body part they mainly love to feast their eyes on, as well as fondle, kiss and caress, perhaps you’ll be in no shock that it’s the boobs! Yeah, guys admit that you love to play on your lady’s breasts! And of course, a lot of women too enjoy more »

Private Melbourne Escorts – 3 More Bizarre Sex Dreams and What They Really Mean

Regardless of whether you’re single, or in a monogamous or open relationship, sex dreams happen to us all.  In fact, I bet that a lot of us have already woken up with a startled, completely bemused or baffled look, at the bizarre individual that we just boned in our dreams! Here’s  look at a couple more »

Melbourne Escorts – The SexTech Expert’s Take on the Future of Pleasure Devices

While the world has been focusing on the Internet of things that are devised and bound for the boardroom or classroom, a small group of inventors and entrepreneurs have been silently devising a way to revolutionize the bedroom, with high tech sex toys, or “sextech”!  Here’s a brief yet quite interesting look at the “sextech” more »

Melbourne Escorts – The New Rules of Sex

Like anything else in life, the fun and sleazy world of sex will always be surrounded by myth. For adult men however, there are some sex myths about women that would be better dispelled. So, if you still pledge allegiance to the old beliefs and myths about sex, perhaps you could allow me to knock more »

Say Goodbye to Awkward Silences and Learn More About Her with These Conversation Topics

Conversations are supposed to be lively exchanges of questions and answers that help people learn more about each other. So it’s understandable that there’s no one who’s comfortable with the awkward pockets of silence that steal into a conversation because they’ve run out of things to say. Those are rare when you’re with one of more »

Melbourne Escorts – Secrets to Dealing with the Silent Treatment

Whenever someone gives you the cold shoulder – also known as the silent treatment – it can be hard to know how to react to it, let alone how to handle it altogether. After all, sometimes a mistake is enough to warrant such treatment, even from a significant other. The gorgeous babes at Melbourne Escorts more »

Melbourne Escorts – Top 4 Things to Consider Before Going Ahead and Falling for A Friend

If you’ve ever found yourself falling for a friend, or wondering if you could be falling for a friend you find attractive? If so, then don’t worry – you’re not the first it’s happened to, and you’re not alone. It happens to both sexes, too; even some if not all the lovely courtesans at Melbourne more »

Melbourne Escorts – 4 Reasons Why Drinking More Fruit Juices is Good for Your Sex Life

I guess all of us know the health benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables, and sometimes it gets a little boring hearing the same benefits over and over again. But hey, apart from reducing the risks of stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancer obesity and more, eating (and drinking) fruits is also good for your more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Signs She’s a High Maintenance Woman

There’s something about a high maintenance woman that makes many blokes want to date one, and yet, you’ll hear one or the other complain about how difficult it is. True, taking her out on dates and buying her gifts can burn through your wallet faster than you’d like. But, just like the gorgeous babes at more »

Melbourne Escorts – A Better Sense of Smell Could Mean That Sexual Relations Are More Pleasant

Did you know that your keen sense of smell can give you a better sex life? A new study has discovered that those who have sensitive olfactory senses find sex more satisfying. Small wonder then that men find the seasoned courtesans like the tempting Melbourne Escorts to be always a delight in the sack! Better more »

4 Simple and Sweet Ideas to Ask A Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

Let’s say you’ve been seeing one particular girl for a while now, but you still aren’t official – and you’re okay with keeping it that way because the mystery makes the whole thing exciting. At some point, though, you do have to make it clear whether or not you’re exclusively dating, even if it means more »

Melbourne Escorts- Eating More Cheese Can Make You Live Longer, and Have Better Sex

Cheese is that fatty, salty substance that makes our breakfast and dinner tables more enticing, and makes life worth living too. However, this substance also finds itself in the centre of controversy in the health and wellness realm, with some health experts saying that it’s filled with too much saturated fat, and that it’s bad more »

Melbourne Escorts – What Brings Happiness And Unhappiness In Your Relationship?

Have you noticed lately that something is happening inside your relationship? If so, this study done in the United States might give you an idea of the status of relationship you’re currently having with your significant other. Meanwhile, this might not apply to the kind of casual relationship you’re having with the enticing Melbourne Escorts. more »

Melbourne Escorts – 4 More Stream-Worthy TV Shows That Can Truly Get You in the Mood

Looking to find a lot of stream-worthy TV shows that can certainly help get you in the mood? Well, apart from the seeing usual stuff like the Game of Thrones, Entourage, Hung or The Girlfriend Experience and others, here are a couple more explicit, stream-worthy shows that can get you in the mood, even if more »

Sex Allergy: When Something Is Wrong Down There

Could you really be allergic to sex? Well, to set the records straight, there is no such thing as ‘sex allergy’. Yet, there could be some allergic reactions to some stuff involved during genital contact such as condoms, lubricants, and even semen! Lucky for you, the experienced Melbourne Escorts are here to enlighten you on more »

Secrets to Using Your Tongue to Tease and Please Your Girl

Many things in life can be somewhat difficult to navigate and figure out, particularly for those who aren’t that experienced. Sex, for example, is something that’s an ongoing learning process, because even if you’ve had a few partners – including one or two of the Melbourne escorts you find online now and then – there more »

Melbourne Escorts – The Sexiest Original Netflix Shows That You Should Watch Tonight

Looking to find the newest, and the original, as well as the most creative, TV shows and movies? Look no further and get yourself a Netflix account! Yes, Netflix releases a lot of original TV shows and movies, so much that it can be hard to sort through them. And if you’re in search of more »

Melbourne Escorts – Sexy, Sleazy Movies That You Can Watch on Hulu Anytime

Who says that Netflix is the only movie and TV streaming service available today? Well, perhaps you should also add another service provider to your list, and it’s called Hulu! Just like eating spicy food during the hot August days, raising your core body temp with some streaming heat could also help you ignore the more »

Melbourne Escorts – Top 3 Secret Turn-Offs You Need to Know and Avoid

If you’ve never been on a date, it can be hard to know how to act and what to do. Even if you’ve been on several hundred, the first one with a new babe can feel difficult, too. If you’re not sure what turns women off, too, then your date will have second thoughts of more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 More Ways Sexting Can Strengthen Any Type of Relationship

If you think that sexting is a relatively new erotic phenomenon, think again. The truth is that the art of sending steamy and sleazy messages to a sexual partner has been practiced for centuries already. However, the obvious difference is that is that it’s hell of a lot easier to do sexting these days, as more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 More Sleazy Sex Games to Play in Bed Tonight

Are your nights in bed slowly starting to become dull, boring and repetitive? Perhaps you could revive your erotic life by adding to the mix a couple of exciting, and truly sleazy – sex games! According to a recent US study, participants in long-term relationships who orgasmed more, engaged in oral sex, experimented with more more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 More Cool Tips on How to Keep Music Festival Hookups Fun and Clean

Whether you’re a rock music fan, or an R&B and hip-hop enthusiast, you’d definitely agree that music festivals are such cool places to go to. Why? Because in music fests, you just don’t enjoy listening to your favourite artists and bands play their music live, but you also get to meet new people, drink lots more »

Melbourne Escorts – Three More Sex Myths That You May Have Believed All Your Life

When it comes to talk about sex, there will be factual discussions about it, and there will be a lot of inaccurate rumours floating around too!  And even if we think that we know a lot about sex already, we’ll still fall for the silliest of sex myths and inaccuracies today. Here’s a look at more »

Melbourne Escorts – 4 Reasons Why Vanilla Sex is Still So Hot and Amazing

Have you ever heard of terms like “Vanilla Sex” Well, according to the experts, vanilla sex is defined as “sex that involves no twists or kinkiness, and no sadism and masochism too (Or S&M). Basically, vanilla sex is plain regular sex, which is the typical sweet, happy and lovey-dovey type. But, hey vanilla sex sounds more »

Melbourne Escorts – 4 Items That You Should Not Substitute for Lube

Looking to further elevate the level of fun, and comfort, in bed? Perhaps you and your partner should start using lube! This slippery tool is truly amazing to grab when you want to take that orgasm up a notch. or when your lady is facing a dry situation down there, and needs a quick fix. more »

Melbourne Escorts – Secrets to Success in Courting that Gorgeous Woman

These days, instant gratification is the name of the game, and more and more relationships are formed online. It’s no wonder some blokes find it difficult to court women, given the current atmosphere. Not everyone can hire one of the sexy vixens at Elite Escorts Melbourne, after all, hence the need to go through the more »

Melbourne Escorts – Two Ways Your Diet May Be Ruining Your Sex Life

When it comes to your sex life, a lot of factors can either enhance or sink it. For example, poor heart health, smoking, heavy drinking and taking certain medicines can be the culprits for your inability to either get an erection, or last longer in bed. And, the researchers also add that your diet could more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Everyday Occasions That Call for Hot, Steamy Sex

While most guys certainly don’t need an excuse to have sex, it turns out that on certain days or occasions, you need to get real busy in bed, as there are certain benefits to getting it on during these times. Here’s a look at a couple of everyday occasions that call for hot, steamy sex. more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 More Truly Amazing Porn Sites for Women (And Men Too)

When it comes to talk about online porn, the truth is that bad porn can be so easy to find, and looking for good-quality porn is like searching for a needle in a haystack! And of course, it’s shockingly hard to find porn in which the women is actually enjoying herself in a realistic way, more »

Melbourne Escorts – Dating Website Reveals The Most Common Sex Problems That are “Killing” People Today

What’s “killing” most people in bed? Nope, I’m not literally saying that something is actually killing people, but what I meant was that what’s killing a man or woman’s libido! Well, look no further for the answers, as dating website eHarmony just released the contents of their survey, which reveals the most common problems that more »

Secrets to Steamy Sexting

For women, foreplay should be a drawn-out affair so she’ll be ready once you first thrust into her; otherwise, it’ll be more pain than pleasure for her. One way to do so, say several Melbourne Escorts, is to get her to anticipate sex even before you’re in the same room. You can do this by more »

Melbourne Escorts – Secrets to Watching Porn with Your Partner

When you set out to ask your girl to watch porn with you, it may seem like you’re taking on one of the hardest tasks you could ever have. Broaching the subject shouldn’t be too hard; you just have to use the right approach. So here are a few guidelines from experts – including a more »

Melbourne Escorts – Commonly Used Slang Terms Escorts Use that You Need to Know

Despite many men hiring escorts, there’s still that period of confusion, if only at the start, for those who turn to the service the first time. There are varying reasons for this. Maybe you’re not sure what agency to use, such as Melbourne Escorts, or you’re just overwhelmed. It could also be due to unfamiliarity more »

Melbourne Escorts – 4 Secrets to Making Doggy Style Hotter

Many people – both men and women – enjoy rear-entry sex, also known as doggy style. There’s nothing wrong with that; even the most romantic couples want to have at least one sexy session where it’s all about getting off. The lovely babes featured in the pages of Melbourne Escorts have experienced their share of more »

Melbourne Escorts – 5 of the Biggest Turn-offs Men Should Avoid

When it comes to dating, there are many things that act as deal-breakers, and that’s a sad reality everyone has to accept. The ladies at Melbourne Escorts, for instance, can’t say ‘no’ to a client unless he doesn’t pass screening for one reason or the other. Unfortunately, hygiene isn’t often included in the screening process, more »

Melbourne Escorts – Two Ways on How to Talk Dirty Without Looking Like a Bad Guy

Would you like to make things more fun and interesting in the bedroom? Perhaps you should learn the art of “talking dirty”! For example, the word “slut” can either be god or bad, because you could be sued by some lady who’s pissed off by your words. But when used consensually in bed, your partner more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 More Reasons Why No One is Good at Shower Sex

If you asked ten random individuals on the street to tell you which sex position is the riskiest, and the most unsafe, perhaps more than half of them will tell you its shower sex! Well, despite all the negativity, the shower is still the second best place in your house to have sex! However, before more »

Melbourne Escorts – 4 Cool Ways on How to Use Porn to Spice Up Your Relationships

While most people think that pornography often ruins relationships, because it sets unrealistic expectations in the bedroom, an increasing number of psychologists and sex experts say that porn can actually spark curiosity and open conversation between partners, and thus can help spice up relationships! Here are a couple of cool ways on how to use more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Items That Can Double as Sex Toys

Are you aching to get your hands on a Fleshlight, or one of those remote controlled dildos? Well, if you got extra cash to spare, then feel free to buy the best and most popular sex toys out there. But what if you’re short on cash? Well, if you’re shy about buying a vibe or more »

Melbourne Escorts – Jolly, Jaw-Dropping Facts About “Jelqing”

Looking to “increase” or “extend” the size of your manhood? According to health experts, penis size greatly varies by nationality and genetic, with the average length in the US pegged at 5.6 inches when erect and 4.8 inches in circumference. That being said, if you are unsatisfied with your penis size, and you seek to more »

Melbourne Escorts – More Facts About the Ideal Time Spent for Shagging, or Making Love

What’s the ideal time or duration for sexual intercourse? Well that remains to be a quite debatable, and fairly subjective topic, because we all have different likes and turn-ons, and of course we all derive sexual satisfaction in different ways. And of course, the last thing we’re suggesting is that we all get busy in more »

Melbourne Escorts – The Spring Break Guide to Having Sex on the Beach

Spring has come! (Or spring is nearly with us!) Since we’ve been stuck deep in the winter doldrums for quite some time, the advance of spring should give us a wonderful respite from all that cold and gloomy weather. And of course, there’s some respite around the corner that’s putting spring in our minds, and more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Cool Places to Have Hot Sex During The Spring

The birds are starting to chirp already, and the temperature is warming up too. It’s time to welcome spring again! As winter kept most of us indoors for too long, I guess this spring we should decide to explore the different sex options, as we can now take full advantage of the warm weather and more »

Melbourne Escorts – 4 of the Common Tell-Tale Signs of Low Testosterone

Are you starting to lose focus, or worse suffer from memory loss? Well, you should quickly consult a physician, because you could be suffering from – low testosterone! For the uninformed, here’s a look at a few of the common tell-tale signs of low testosterone. Fuzzy Thinking If your memory already shows signs of sputtering, more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Sex Drive Killers That You Should Look Out For

If you suddenly fell flat in bed last night, or what I meant was you suddenly lost your mojo or strength to perform, perhaps you should be suffering from one of the many sex drive killers! Here’s a quick look at a few of the most common sex drive killers of today, and how to more »

The Lonely Guy’s Guide On The General Etiquette When Joining “Foursomes”

Like anything else in life, the art of sex also has its own set of rules or etiquette, to guide both partners (or more) on how to enjoy their sex life, as well as how to further elevate the erotic experience, without causing injury or psychological harm to anyone. So what are the rules for more »

Melbourne Escorts – Factual, Forceful Facts About Forced Orgasms

If you’d like to try out something more adventurous, or more daring in bed, perhaps you should check out this activity that’s only done in BDSM circles, and it’s called – Forced Orgasms! According to bondage experts, giving up control can be one of the most attractive aspects of BDSM, from the proper use of more »

Melbourne Escorts – Ancient Eastern Practices are Now Creeping Into Our Bedrooms, and Our Sex Lives Too

Looking for truly reliable, and very potent, sexual practices to espouse or follow? Well, look to the east (literally) for advice, as ancient practices from the Far East are now creeping into Western bedrooms, and are gaining a lot of attention from western sex therapists too. Let’s take a brief yet very interesting look at more »

Melbourne Escorts – The Best Animated Porn of the New Millennium

If you love watching real guys and girls get down and dirty on the TV or computer screen, have you ever seen animated characters have sex? While some might think that cartoons aren’t real, and this is why they can’t give reality and true essence to any sex scene, wait till you watch the best more »

Melbourne Escorts – The Best Erotic Graphic Novels to Read This Year

If you’ve already moved past the DC and Marvel comic books of your younger years (Although I still love reading those stuff about super heroes) and have moved up to reading adult graphic novels, perhaps it’s also time you move to reading some stuff that tackle heavy and intense themes or topics like – sex! more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Reasons Why Jerking Off Is Good For Your Health

If someone tells you that masturbating is “bad” for you, perhaps you should show them the middle finger! In fact, most health and sex experts say that jerking off can actually be very beneficial to your body, and it can even prolong your lifespan! Here’s a look at three reasons why jerking off is beneficial more »

Melbourne Escort – Casual Sex Rules That Every Dude Should Keep in Mind

If there’s one fantasy that most single and married folk would love to experience at least once or twice in their lifetime, perhaps it’s the thought of hooking up with a virtual stranger, and ending up in bed! But while many people long to experience casual sex, this thing could be a little bit tricky, more »

How A Little Solo Play Can Go A LONG Way

Every woman has a sex goddess in her. Do you believe so? You can actually feel like one when masturbating for your guy. If any of the impressive Melbourne Escorts can do it, why can’t you? It’s just a matter of unlocking the inner sex goddess in you! Don’t ever think that self-wanking is a more »

Melbourne Escorts – Porn-Star Sex Moves That Can Work Wonders in the Average Bedroom

If you think great sex requires fancy toys and spectacular movements and techniques, think again. In, fact you do not need sexy lingerie, lots of dirty talk or a dizzying repertoire of rituals (as well as a ton of experience) to give any lover a memorable romp! According to sex experts, porn-star sex simply requires more »

Melbourne Escorts – 4 Ways to Have Sex When It’s Too Hot Outside

If there’s one thing that can ruin the moment, especially when it comes to getting sleazy and frisky, perhaps it’s the hot and humid summer heat! It’s because who wants to get real close, and in skin-to-skin contact, when the space between your bodies is so sweaty and gross! Before your partner tells you to more »

A Field Guide to the Major Types of Kisses, and What They Mean

Whether you consider yourself a “very good” kisser, or a lacklustre one, a kiss can mean so many things. According to sex and relationship experts, there are many different ways to kiss your lover, and how you kiss them can actually communicate something different about what or how you feel, whether it’s during sex or more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Ways on How to Handle an Erection Fail, According to Women

Most women (and nearly all men too) are aware that a man’s “point of pride” literally hangs between his legs! So what happens when your manhood fails to stand up and perform? Well, don’t worry, for there are a number of ways on how to address this problem, as we asked a couple of women more »

Melbourne Escorts – Steamy Bits of Information About the “Sexual Afterglow”

  Have you ever noticed anything after having good sex? Well if you look at the mirror after getting an orgasm, you will notice that you have a certain “glow”. This is because you are radiating affection for your partner and the world, and the next day your co-workers and friends are mystified as to more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Things You Should Be Doing After Sex

There’s no definite way to describe sex. It can be great, it can be underwhelming; it can be fun, it can be forgettable. Of course, a session with one of the sexy vixens at Melbourne Escorts would be anything but forgettable. For all the possible ways to describe the act itself, what about what comes more »

Melbourne Escorts – Secrets to Catch Her Eye and Charm Her

While there’s no such thing as the perfect bloke, there are those who come pretty close; as soon as they walk out the door, they seem to draw everyone’s gaze. Even the lovely vixens at Melbourne Escorts have encountered their fair share of perfectly charming men. There’s just something irresistible about certain blokes – so more »

Melbourne Escorts – Secrets to Being a Nice Guy without Going Over-the-Top

It seems that women always go for the “bad guy” – but only because they find the “nice guy” too nice, some lovely ladies, including the sexy courtesans at Melbourne Escorts, share. After all, the former says what he means and takes what he wants. Meanwhile, the latter leaves practically all the decisions to his more »

Melbourne Escorts – 4 Telltale Signs That Sex with Someone is About to Get a Hell More Fun

There will be occasions when you’re hooking up with someone for the first time, or even the fourth time, and the sex fine, but you feel that it’s not “great”. You’ll perhaps even feel that you like this person but you aren’t sure if the chemistry, or their sexual skills, merits giving them a second more »

Melbourne Escorts – Find the One for You by Taking a Break from Dating

Finding “the one” is a goal many people have, no matter how many relationships they’ve had and how long they’ve been in the dating game. The gorgeous babes at Melbourne Escorts may look and seem like life partner material, but not many blokes are open to ‘sharing’ their partners with someone else. That’s understandable, of more »

New Poll Notes That Few Americans Are Having Sex, After the Elections

Who says that politics doesn’t put a damper on a person’s sex life? Well, just look at what happened after the most recent US presidential election? According to a recent poll conducted by popular fertility app Kindara, many Americans lost a lot of things in the wake of the election, and especially after the victory more »

Melbourne Escorts – New Research Reveals That Most People Today Only Have “Recreational” Porn Habits

Are you starting to worry about how much time you watch porn videos, or stare at porn magazines? Well, for some clarity, researchers have already figured out three distinctive rankings for porn consumption, and these range from “recreational” to “compulsive” to “highly-distressed non-compulsive”. So, before you start worrying if your porn habits are going way more »

Melbourne Escort – Herbs & Spices That Can Miraculously Lift Your Libido

Could you name one solid indicator of how healthy you really are? If you got no idea, well let me give you one great indicator of just how healthy you are, and it’s your – sex drive! According to health experts, your sex drive is a perfect overall indicator of just how healthy you are. more »

Melbourne Escourt – 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Have Shower Sex

Are you looking for something new and refreshing to spice up your sex life? Well, the good thing is that there are a lot of great options to choose from, except shower sex. Why not shower sex? Well, why don’t you experiment with pony play instead, or wear latex suits in bed, try an open more »

Melbourne Escorts – 5 Reasons Why Guys Secretly Hate The Missionary Position

Of the various sex positions available today, perhaps the “missionary” is the most common, and the most widely used. Also called the “man-on-top” position, the missionary is generally defined as “a sex position in which a woman lies on her back and a man lies on top of her while they face each other and more »

Melbourne Escorts – A Fair Assessment of the Pros & Cons of the “The Snail” Sex Position

Bored of doing the usual stuff in bed, like the missionary, or the woman on top? Perhaps you should try something unique, and “equally” challenging too, like – “The Snail” sex position! According to sex experts, The Snail sex pose is rated as 2/5 in the position difficulty scale, with 5 being the most intense. more »

Melbourne Escorts – Ditch These Habits and Keep the Sex Sizzling

The saying “old habits die hard,” is particularly true when you’re trying to change your bedroom moves into something better. The lovely vixens at Melbourne Escorts have their own routines in bed, of course – but it took some time to hone their bedroom skills. Even if you’ve had some experience yourself, there could be more »

Melbourne Escorts – The Best Sex Positions for Curved Penises

While it’s true that dick size isn’t an issue, it’s just as true that women are more interested in the shape. After all, the ideal is that of a dick that’s more or less proudly straight on a bloke’s package – and it’s not just the lovely courtesans at Melbourne Escorts who think this way. more »

Melbourne Escorts – The Weirdest Sex Laws and Facts in Canada

Have you ever been to the “Country above the United States, the “People’s Republic of Canuckistan”, or the “True North Strong and Free”? Well, I was referring to Canada by the way. With a reputation for being polite and friendly, Canadians have laws, attitudes and habits that are pretty much relaxed. However, they do have more »

4 Simple Ways to Make Her Sex Life the Best

For women, sex is important to them. It’s not just about the pleasure and stuff. Sex, in one way or another, best exemplifies their essence as a woman, as suggested by Melbourne Escorts. The sad thing, however, is that most men tend to give it to her half-baked. As a result, her sex experience becomes more »

Melbourne Escorts – Exposing The Real Truth About Exhibitionism

If you’ve seen guy flash his genitals on a busy street corner, or if you’ve seen a lovely lady run naked across the field during a football game, perhaps you thought they were crazy. Well, it could be possible that those individuals were simply practising a favourite fetish or kink, which is “exhibitionism”! Before you more »

Melbourne Escorts – Sex Positions That Are Hailed For Being Fun & Exotic

Are the missionary, woman on top, or doggy-style positions starting to bore you and your partner to sleep? Perhaps you should literally look “East” for the answers, especially if you are in search of truly fun and exotic sex positions! But before trying any of these out tonight, remember that some of these positions may more »

Melbourne Escorts – 4 Secrets to An Unforgettable First Time

When hooking up with someone for the first time, you may feel equal parts nervousness and excitement. After all, you’ve never been to bed together before, and without you realising it, things could get awkward. The gorgeous vixens at Melbourne Escorts can help make the awkwardness easier to deal with, but you won’t always be more »

Melbourne Escorts – 2 “Scientific” Reasons Why Straight Men Just Can’t Keep Their Eyes Off A Woman’s Breasts

Have you ever wondered why straight men just can’t keep their eyes off a lovely lady’s large breasts? Is this due to social influences like porn, or is this due to more deeper, or quite evolutionary reasons? For centuries, sex experts, scientists and even shamans have never been able to fully explain a man’s curious more »

Melbourne Escorts – Simple Phrases That Actually Irritate Her

All couples have a phase where one of them gets irritated at the other for what seems like no reason. The lovely babes at Melbourne Escorts have had a few clients who experienced it at some point – and as it turns out, there are certain simple phrases that can set a lady off. To more »

Melbourne Escorts – Reasons The Relationship Has to End

It’s sad but true – not all relationships are meant to last. You can go from loving your partner, to hating the sight of them or else feeling nothing when you’re around them, for example. The lovely vixens at Melbourne Escorts may be the closest you’ll get to a real relationship, without the downsides to more »

The Top 4 Benefits of Masturbating

Almost all men are guilty of masturbating. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, as what Melbourne Escorts says, such thing is actually good for the health. That’s right – masturbating offers some serious health benefits to men like you. Obviously, it’s not just for the glory of satisfaction. Below are some of more »

Melbourne Escorts – 3 Steps to Getting a Foreplay Right to the Spot

Are you getting tired of the usual sex experience? Do you think that you’re not giving your partner the right kind of sex? Well, if you think so, then for sure you both lack the right mix of foreplay. According to Melbourne Escorts, foreplay is one of the best ways to spice things up in more »

Melbourne Escorts – Sizzling Sex with 5 Moves

Whether the weather is warm or cold, there are ways to make sure sex stays sizzling – and being single doesn’t have to mean you miss out on the fun, with the girls from Melbourne Escorts. Up the ante and stoke your lovely lady’s fire by using any of the following moves.   Don’t skimp more »

7 Foods You Can Eat to be a Better Dude in Bed

There are plenty of ways to last longer in bed. You can go from starting a simple exercise routine to training your mind to ejaculate not so fast (really?). Well, look further no more! As what Melbourne Escorts suggests, there are foods that you can eat to help you last longer and avoid embarrassment. But more »

How Being With Melbourne Escorts Makes You a Better Person

      Melbourne is a place filled with so much adventure and moments that will grant you the memory of your lifetime. Looking at the places that encompass the metro, attractions are overflowing and activities seem to come without an ending. However, their attractions do not stop there. They also have with them one more »

Melbourne Escorts: Satisfaction’s Point of View

The sense of sexual gratification is something that not everybody is able to achieve. It’s all because they don’t always get the right partner. Many may choose to deny it but there is such a thing as sensual chemistry. Most of the times it is innate but there are also a fair few who are more »

Melbourne Escort Agencies – Another Means of Finding Escorts in VIC

  For those who deemed about spending a grandiose holiday getaway in Melbourne, Australia, it could be awesome take pleasure in your stay accompanied by someone. The bewitching Australian women can be the best suited lovely companions for lonely gents. At their presence, guys are fortunate to be guided by them whilst traveling around the more »

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