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3 Ways to Sexually Encourage Her Tonight

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Girls want sex as much as boys do. The only catch, as what Melbourne Escorts says, they’re not too outspoken when it comes to it. Hence men have to do their best to dig the inner desires from their women. It’s not going to be an easy task to do. But if you really want to bring out her naughtiness, there are ways you can introduce to your sex life. Check out the tips below!

Try Visual Arousal

Many women prefer aural to visual arousal and/or erotica. Try reading a sexy short story together. Pick one where the “action” suits your desires, too, and read it to her. When it comes to such technique, many women prefer materials that have a plot, and that emphasize passion and connection between the protagonists. That means leaving your favorite anal orgy DVD for your private autoerotic sessions. Instead, watch a hot R-rated film, such as 9 1/2 Weeks, or purchase an X-rated video with a storyline by Candida Royalle.

Do Some Verbal Follow-Ups

In our society, which idolizes perpetual youth and often sets unrealistic beauty standards, many women feel insecure about their looks and self-conscious about their naked bodies. When a woman feels insecure, she is unlikely to be in the mood for sex. To increase her sexual responsiveness, tell her between kisses and as you touch her body that you find her beautiful and sexy, that she turns you on, and that you want to enjoy every part of her body before making love to her.

Be the Best Kisser

To be an expert kisser, start gently and work up to more passion in gradual stages. Begin by barely brushing your lips against hers, and then touch her lips with the tip of your tongue. Relax and open your lips as you deepen the kiss, but avoid drooling, slobbering or heavy vacuum sucking. If you are worried about bad breath, be sure to brush your tongue as well as your teeth, especially if you have been drinking coffee or smoking.

Try these tips tonight and you’ll see the wonders it can do to your sex life. If you want to learn more, simply contact Melbourne Escorts now!

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