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4 Signs That Sets A Low-Maintenance Girl Apart from the Crowd

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While there’s nothing wrong with dating a high-maintenance girl, especially if you’re truly attracted to her, the anti-thesis is a great investment – and you’ll probably have more fun with her, too. It’s hard to tell the low-maintenance girl apart from the high-maintenance one, normally, because the former often looks just as lovely as the latter. Not that all the lovely babes at Melbourne Escorts are high-maintenance, but that’s a different matter.

It’s the little things that will tell you the girl you’re eyeing is a low-maintenance one. For example, when she excuses herself to use the washroom, she’s back out in five minutes, at most. But how else can you tell that you’re looking at a low-maintenance babe?

1. She isn’t too focused on makeup. She’ll use some foundation, lip balm and lip tint, maybe light blush and natural eyeshadow on most days – if she uses makeup at all. In fact, the rare times you see her wearing makeup, it’s sure to be because there’s a special occasion.

2. Fashion isn’t a big deal to her. Whenever you see her, she’s dressed for comfort, not to look fashionable. She’s more likely to wear comfortable slip-ons or sneakers – anything she can run in, if the situation calls for it – as well as pants, loose cotton t-shirts and sturdy jackets.

3. She loves simple, heartfelt gifts. She doesn’t demand people get her gifts, let alone expensive ones. Obviously, she’d be happy if you give her something for her birthday, for instance. But no matter how small or simple it is, he’ll thank you wholeheartedly because she knows that it’s the thought that counts.

4. She doesn’t need you at her beck and call. When you don’t text or call her for some time, you won’t find an angry text message from her demanding to know why you’re not keeping in touch. Nor will she insist you do everything for her. If she can do something herself, she’ll do it.

Make no mistake – the low-maintenance girl can be just as gorgeous as the rest of them, and the fact that she requires little effort on your part makes her something of a rare find. But if you’re still not sure how to approach her and want to hone your skills with the ladies first, just browse the gallery at Melbourne Escorts. You’re sure to find the best courtesan to help you.

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