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7 Foods You Can Eat to be a Better Dude in Bed

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There are plenty of ways to last longer in bed. You can go from starting a simple exercise routine to training your mind to ejaculate not so fast (really?). Well, look further no more! As what Melbourne Escorts suggests, there are foods that you can eat to help you last longer and avoid embarrassment. But of course, you need to have the commitment and consistency. Otherwise, it won’t work at all.

Pumpkin Seeds for Your Sperm

Researchers have found that pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc. Not only does it increase your testosterone, it also makes the sperm production a lot more efficient. And mind you, when testosterone levels in men are higher, everyone is happier. Yes, that’s right!

Watermelon Can Be Lethal

Whether you believe it or not, it is true that watermelon mimics the active ingredients in Viagra and other ED medicines. How? Well, that’s thanks to the amino acid it contains. So if you or your girl are feeling a little horny after eating a fruit salad, now you know why.

Licorice Can Really Turn Her On

Eating licorice may lower your libido, but for women, it’s the other way around – the smell may turn them on. Scent is considered a very important part of sex itself and it is believed that licorice candy has a definite effect on the female sex drive. Why don’t you buy one and let your partner eat it. You’ll see!

Oysters and Eggs Are Nature’s Sex Food

The classic aphrodisiac. Oysters are high in zinc and promote dopamine release to get the mood going—and make it last. On the other hand, eggs are proven to promote relaxation and stamina, helping you to be mentally prepared and allowing your body to keep up.

Pumpkin Pie Can Heat Things Up

Don’t you know that a single smell may be the easiest way to get yourself amped for the evening? Well, it has been proven that most men are often aroused by the smell of pumpkin pie. It may be time to go candle shopping.

Make Things a Bit Hotter With Chili Peppers

Yes, that’s definitely right. The effects of eating peppers mimics your body’s reaction to arousal. This is why most people often associate the one there are with, with certain feelings. Slip a spice or two in next time you’re cooking up date night dinner.

Make Blueberries Part of Your List

Dopamine and blood flow: two essential parts of sex and two things blueberries increase after consumption. Studies show the berry helps blood circulation and dopamine release within the brain, creating a happy libido.

Now that you have a list of food that can help you last longer in bed, start buying them now. Be sure to have them ready to prepare yourself for sex. And oh, by the way, Melbourne Escorts can also help you out. Why don’t you book one with them?

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