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8 Tips for an Erotic Massage with Melbourne Escorts

An erotic massage is a service most commonly offered by sexy Melbourne escorts. These ladies know how to use their naughty hands to relieve you of pain and stress from work. If you want to give the favor and perform a tantric erotic massage on them, then here are some great tips and tricks on how to perform an erotic massage for your Melbourne escort:

  1. Before you perform a massage, keep your nails short or at least get rid of jagged edges that may scratch and hurt your partner.
  2. Place your massage oil on a warm bowl to make it soothing and pleasurable. Use oil that doesn’t contain Nonoxynol-9 which can irritate the skin. It would also help if you get “edible” oil so that you can use your tongue and mouth later on.
  3. It is important to never break the connection between you and your partner. Once you started the massage, always keep your skin (or your hands) in contact at all times.
  4. Before you start a massage, make the atmosphere inviting and erotic. Light some scented candles and some lavender incense which adds to the relaxation and experience.
  5. You should not allow any distractions when performing an erotic massage. Lock the door, draw the curtains and turn off your cellphone if you have to.
  6. Setup the environment with some good music. Don’t play it too loud nor too soft; just enough so the both of you can hear it. There are a lot of spa music which you can purchase online or on music stores available.
  7. We know how excited you are to take it to the next level but it is important to always start slow. Be gentle in massaging, sliding and kneading for your Melbourne escort. Make her hot and horny for your hands and later on you can experience the most passionate sex you’d have.
  8. Before or after the massage, you should have champagne, red wine or something sweet to sip before you move on to something more erotic.

What’s best about it is that the both of you can oil each other or at least give him a taste of the sweetness of your mouth. You can do an erotic body slide or a sweet and tempting back rub; no body part will be left untouched.

If you want a soothing experience from a Melbourne escort, why not give it to her first with a sexy erotic massage? Now that you have an idea about it, why not choose a great companion for you? Look for the perfect escort in Melbourne in our gallery.

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