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A Field Guide to the Major Types of Kisses, and What They Mean

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Whether you consider yourself a “very good” kisser, or a lacklustre one, a kiss can mean so many things. According to sex and relationship experts, there are many different ways to kiss your lover, and how you kiss them can actually communicate something different about what or how you feel, whether it’s during sex or during a regular date. Let’s decode the real meaning behind the different types of kisses.

The Long Peck
How do you kiss your girlfriend, hookup partner, or even your most preferred Melbourne Escourts? If you kiss them regularly with a long peck (a lingering, close-mouth kiss on the lips), this could indicate that you are very sensual, yet somewhat chaste and restrained!

A long or extended peck is usually followed by a knowing smirk, and sometimes a very audible “mmm”. Well, long pecks are just how grown-ups say “we are so about to make big time”!

Rapid-Fire Pecks
Rapid-fire pecks are playful and cute, and these often say “I really like you, but I don’t want to get myself all horny right now”! Rapid-fire pecks may also convey a lot of affection without allowing things to get too hot and heavy.

This type of kiss is also a very good option when it comes to PDA, as no one wants to watch you swallow each other’s faces while they’re having breakfast!

The French Kiss
Hailed as the “king of kisses” the French kiss involves open mouths and some form of tongue interaction. This type of kiss can be quite complex and nuanced for one description, and is often divided into two major types – the standard French Kiss and the Tongue Tango French Kiss.

The Standard French Kiss is done by moving your open lips against each other with some tongue interplay, which can be quite sweet and very hot, and passionate at the same time. This kiss truly gets the hormones racing, and often means “I would like to sleep with you”.

The Tongue Tango French Kiss is described as an elegant ballet of tongue play, which occurs when the tips of the tongues push off each other and twist around. The kiss also often indicates that you “think out of the box, and out of the bed”!

The Bend Back Kiss
The Bend Back kiss is old-fashioned and romantic, as the guy leans into the lady and bends her backward, often with one hand holding the small of her back and the other placed gently against the side of her face. This kiss is generally good for people who are so comfortable with each other, have a sense of humour, and are absolutely crazy about each other.

Perhaps you’ve already tried doing this type of kiss with your favourite Melbourne Escourts!

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