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Blowing a Raspberry by Melbourne Escorts

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I’ve been working for an escort agency like Melbourne Escorts for six months and one night, towards the close of a client meet, I was mixing some drinks in my apartment kitchen. As I brought the Raspberry margarita over, he accepted the drink with thanks as I knelt down in front of him, setting my drink down.

“now why don’t you enjoy your drink while I blow you hmmm?”

“You really know how to make a man happy, don’t you?” he said as he rubbed his thumb on my lower lip.

“Ofcourse,” I said, “I always aim to please”

While freeing his half-hard cock from the confines of his boxer briefs, I take a large sip of my own drink, appreciating the flavor of raspberries and tequila. I swivel it around a bit, letting the ice cool my tongue and inner cheeks. He watched me interestedly, taking a swig of his own drink.

Taking his cock in my mouth and letting my tongue dip into the slit. The fruity, slightly sweet combination of the margarita and the salty-bitter flavor of pre-come on my tongue was intoxicating; I took another gulp, swallowing the drink before covering the head of his cock with my lips.

“so good…” he harshly moaned. He liked the contrast of temperatures: Cool and hot at the same time. My tongue curved, forming a cradle for his now rock-hard manhood, taking him in completely. I pull back out and thrust him in a couple of times before letting go of his dick but working him still with my hand.

“I want you to watch me.” I said “I want you to see how good your cock looks fucking my mouth, dominating me” the shift in power from me to him dilated his pupils; the rush of oxytocin in his system must be overpowering.

I take him back into my mouth, sliding my hands up his thighs, massaging the muscles as I go along. I grasp his hands and bring them to the back of my head. He started thrusting in and out of my mouth deeply, firmly but gently holding my head in place. He wasn’t frantic about his movements. He cared for how deep he would go, not how fast he could come.

I heard him gasp as he slipped further down my throat and I started to make swallowing movements. He was enjoying himself. It was clear that he was nearing the edge.

I held up my hands, showing him complete submission. He thrusted deeply, erratically and as I felt his grip tighten on my hair, he pushed my head closer towards him, holding me there as he let loose. I felt him cum and my throat convulsed, milking him dry as he shallowly rocked his hips. Letting him go with a soft ‘pop’ I licked my lips saying “that was good. Would you care to have another?”

Despite him being a client for escort services like Melbourne Escorts, I still wanted him to have a good time and blowing him the best ending to a perfect night.



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