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When it comes to talk of sex positions, perhaps you may have already heard of the best positions one should try out in the morning, or at night. But, have you heard of the best positions for afternoon sex? I guess not, because most people hardly talk about afternoon sex, as we are either busy at work, or doing other chores. Well, to make your afternoons more delightful, here’s a peek at a few of the best, and the hottest, afternoon sex positions.

The Bridge

To make your afternoons more fun and interesting with the hot and sizzling Cheapest Escorts Melbourne, why not try something called The Bridge! To do this, start in the missionary position, but then as your lady sits back on their ankles, you rest your feet flat on the bed.

And while she sits up on her knees, you thrust your hips, so you are holding a bridge position. This can feel really intense, so you may need to move your feet closer together, or further apart, to make it work!

The Sofa Brace

To do The Sofa Brace, think of it as almost exactly like the doggie style. However, instead of your lady bracing her weight on the arm of a sofa, she can use her spare hand to play with her clit! Or, she could rest her whole body on the arm of the sofa, play around and find the best fit!

The Big Bang

To do this innovative sex position, have your lady unzip you and press you against a wall. See to it that you hold her up, especially when she wraps her legs around your waist. Opt for a quickie and enjoy, just make sure you don’t hurl your partner!

Three-Legged Dog

This standing position can be so pleasurable, as your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Cheapest Escorts Melbourne can take support of a wall or kitchen platform by leaning, if she finds it difficult to balance.  Next, she lifts one leg over your hip while facing each other, and lets you enter her!


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