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Get More Sleep, Have Better Sex, New Study Reveals

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What’s the key to staying more active, and staying much longer in bed? Well, according to a new study, it’s by getting more – sleep! Yes, according to a 2015 study that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men and women who slept just one additional hour at night increased their odds of having sex the next day by 14%!

If You’re in General A Good Sleep, You’ll be More Energised

If you’d like to further elevate the quality of your erotic adventures with the hot and sizzling Melbourne Escorts, skip the artificial stimulants, as well as skip those acrobatic sex routines or positions, and instead get more sleep!

The researchers further added that a really important point is that it’s partially about how you slept last night, and it’s also about how you sleep in general. If you are in general a good sleeper, you will be more energized, have a clearer head, and you’ll be more focused too. All these contribute to more playful, active and mindful bedroom sessions with your partner!

Sleep Chases Away Stress, Which is a Major Sex-Drive Killer Today

Not yet ready to trade the extra snooze time for an intimate session with your lady?  Well, perhaps you’d be reconsidering your decision once you find out that getting adequate sleep chases away stress, which is the top sex-drive killer today!

The researchers also pointed out that life’s usual stressors tend to weigh a lot more heavily the next day, and they tend to weight much heavier if you lack sleep! Regularly skimp on sleep, and you’re probably stressed on the regular as well, and that’s a really big problem because stress itself is a libido killer!

Sleep is also very closely linked to mood, and it can help fight stress. In addition, sleep helps regulate hormones, helps manage emotional memory, and helps create a buffer against the daily hassles or stressors too! And when you’re happier and more relaxed too, you are much more likely to want, and crave, sex too!

So, get that extra hour/s of sleep, and see your fun times in bed with the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts elevate to a notch way higher than before!

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