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How A Little Solo Play Can Go A LONG Way

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Every woman has a sex goddess in her. Do you believe so? You can actually feel like one when masturbating for your guy. If any of the impressive Melbourne Escorts can do it, why can’t you? It’s just a matter of unlocking the inner sex goddess in you!

Don’t ever think that self-wanking is a selfish act, for it’s a great way to amplify your sex life. This way can help strengthen the bond between you and your lover and on top of that, enhance your sexual confidence!

Worry not if you’re no expert. Sure, there are ways for you to let go and be the hottest babe in bed you could ever be. Sex experts share these little secrets to self-play that can go a long way!

How To Masturbate In Front of Him

● Make your needs known
Feeling comfortable with each other can be the perfect opportunity for you to express to him your needs. What really do you want in sex? If you figure it out, let him know then take note of what the act does best for the both of you. Remember that with a supportive partner, he will only do what pleases you.

● Forget the fright
Don’t be afraid to go against the world; the show must go on. Performing mutual exploration as part of foreplay or the main event can give you a sense of confidence, preparing yourself and your mate for an even explosive finale!

● Deal with it like it’s just another sex act
No big deal, okay? Express yourself fully, either with the help of a vibrator or him. If you really feel comfortable towards your beau, then, you can do it mutually. Ordinarily, both lovers find it awkward to express their sexual desires. But, think of it this way – how many times have you shared erotic moments together? Are these steamy times the reason why your bond has become stronger? There should be no reason why you can’t masturbate in front of him or him in front of you. Being open-minded might just lead the way for you to have a mutual sharing of your deepest, darkest fantasies.

● Experiment with porn
Undeniably, more and more women are getting interested in porn as this is a better sexual stimulant, and experts see nothing wrong with the practice. For female pleasure, porn film makers have thought of producing quality erotic fiction with feminist themes these days. Learn your lesson at the same time apply what you’re learning.

● Honour your ‘Me Time’
Doing it on your own is totally healthy and normal, just like him doing it solo. Remember that self-pleasuring doesn’t automatically mean doing it together every time. If you feel the itch, go ahead into action. If you find it awkward the first time, practice more.

There are still a lot more to learn. Do your due diligence or else, contact anyone of the professional Melbourne Escorts, and learn hands-on from them.

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