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The Everyday Bloke’s Quick Guide to Playing Hard to Get – When to Do It

Playing hard to get is something that women are known to do – but men can do it, too. It’s just not heard of too much because it’s somehow more difficult to pull off. That’s because whether a woman looks like she could be one of the Melbourne escorts you find online or not, playing more »

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Melbourne Escorts – 3 Signs She’s a High Maintenance Woman

There’s something about a high maintenance woman that makes many blokes want to date one, and yet, you’ll hear one or the other complain about how difficult it is. True, taking her out on dates and buying her gifts can burn through your wallet faster than you’d like. But, just like the gorgeous babes at more »

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Melbourne Escorts – The Sexiest Original Netflix Shows That You Should Watch Tonight

Looking to find the newest, and the original, as well as the most creative, TV shows and movies? Look no further and get yourself a Netflix account! Yes, Netflix releases a lot of original TV shows and movies, so much that it can be hard to sort through them. And if you’re in search of more »

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Melbourne Escorts – The Better-Sex Workout Routine That Can Give You More Confidence in the Bedroom

I guess we all know, or at least are partly aware, that a big part of having a healthy sex life is having a healthy body. Why? Because if you feel strong and flexible, then this will help you perform better in the bedroom. But if you feel lethargic, stressed out or weak, then this more »

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Melbourne Escorts – 3 Items That Can Double as Sex Toys

Are you aching to get your hands on a Fleshlight, or one of those remote controlled dildos? Well, if you got extra cash to spare, then feel free to buy the best and most popular sex toys out there. But what if you’re short on cash? Well, if you’re shy about buying a vibe or more »

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Melbourne Escorts – More Facts About the Ideal Time Spent for Shagging, or Making Love

What’s the ideal time or duration for sexual intercourse? Well that remains to be a quite debatable, and fairly subjective topic, because we all have different likes and turn-ons, and of course we all derive sexual satisfaction in different ways. And of course, the last thing we’re suggesting is that we all get busy in more »

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Reasons It’s Better Not to Be That One Guy

When you were in school, you likely knew one bloke who seemed to be able to get any girl he wanted – aside from the gorgeous specimen he was always seen with. He also didn’t seem to realise how that affected the other blokes. While that may seem impressive and something to envy, it’s not. more »

Double Dates – Relationship Benefits You’ll Love

When it comes to dating, double dates don’t really get that much attention; they’re neither in style, nor have they been a big trend recently. Several people, including some Private Melbourne Escorts find that unfortunate since apparently, double dating can bring several benefits to a relationship. Both old and new couples will find that double dates more »

You Don’t Want Protection In Sex? Think Twice!

Having experienced intercourse without a condom? Bad! Here’s why – protected sex is the only way a woman cannot become pregnant. The most important thing, it saves you from getting sexually infected!   Pretty sure most babes today, especially the seasoned Melbourne Escorts, will insist that you use condom when engaging in coitus. Yet, if more »

Melbourne Escorts – Steamy Bits of Information About the “Sexual Afterglow”

  Have you ever noticed anything after having good sex? Well if you look at the mirror after getting an orgasm, you will notice that you have a certain “glow”. This is because you are radiating affection for your partner and the world, and the next day your co-workers and friends are mystified as to more »

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Melbourne Escorts – Secrets to Being a Nice Guy without Going Over-the-Top

It seems that women always go for the “bad guy” – but only because they find the “nice guy” too nice, some lovely ladies, including the sexy courtesans at Melbourne Escorts, share. After all, the former says what he means and takes what he wants. Meanwhile, the latter leaves practically all the decisions to his more »

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New Poll Notes That Few Americans Are Having Sex, After the Elections

Who says that politics doesn’t put a damper on a person’s sex life? Well, just look at what happened after the most recent US presidential election? According to a recent poll conducted by popular fertility app Kindara, many Americans lost a lot of things in the wake of the election, and especially after the victory more »

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Melbourne Escorts – New Research Reveals That Most People Today Only Have “Recreational” Porn Habits

Are you starting to worry about how much time you watch porn videos, or stare at porn magazines? Well, for some clarity, researchers have already figured out three distinctive rankings for porn consumption, and these range from “recreational” to “compulsive” to “highly-distressed non-compulsive”. So, before you start worrying if your porn habits are going way more »

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Melbourne Escort – Herbs & Spices That Can Miraculously Lift Your Libido

Could you name one solid indicator of how healthy you really are? If you got no idea, well let me give you one great indicator of just how healthy you are, and it’s your – sex drive! According to health experts, your sex drive is a perfect overall indicator of just how healthy you are. more »

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Melbourne Escourt – 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Have Shower Sex

Are you looking for something new and refreshing to spice up your sex life? Well, the good thing is that there are a lot of great options to choose from, except shower sex. Why not shower sex? Well, why don’t you experiment with pony play instead, or wear latex suits in bed, try an open more »

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Melbourne Escorts – Classy Sexting Tips For Truly Classy Guys

I guess you may have already heard of the word “sexting” and you want to try it out (but you’re just so scared of messing things up). According to sexting experts, to excel in the fine art of sexting, you should first hone your inner “sexual Shakespeare” skills, or at least learn enough common sense, more »

Melbourne Escorts – A Fair Assessment of the Pros & Cons of the “The Snail” Sex Position

Bored of doing the usual stuff in bed, like the missionary, or the woman on top? Perhaps you should try something unique, and “equally” challenging too, like – “The Snail” sex position! According to sex experts, The Snail sex pose is rated as 2/5 in the position difficulty scale, with 5 being the most intense. more »

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Melbourne Escorts – The Weirdest Sex Laws and Facts in Canada

Have you ever been to the “Country above the United States, the “People’s Republic of Canuckistan”, or the “True North Strong and Free”? Well, I was referring to Canada by the way. With a reputation for being polite and friendly, Canadians have laws, attitudes and habits that are pretty much relaxed. However, they do have more »

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4 Simple Ways to Make Her Sex Life the Best

For women, sex is important to them. It’s not just about the pleasure and stuff. Sex, in one way or another, best exemplifies their essence as a woman, as suggested by Melbourne Escorts. The sad thing, however, is that most men tend to give it to her half-baked. As a result, her sex experience becomes more »

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Melbourne Escorts – Sex Positions That Are Hailed For Being Fun & Exotic

Are the missionary, woman on top, or doggy-style positions starting to bore you and your partner to sleep? Perhaps you should literally look “East” for the answers, especially if you are in search of truly fun and exotic sex positions! But before trying any of these out tonight, remember that some of these positions may more »

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Melbourne Escorts – The Traveller’s Guide To Navigating The World’s Most Popular Red Light Districts

Going on a holiday, or a business trip abroad? While we are not suggesting that you start your trip in whatever country you’re heading to with a tour of the city’s “red-light district”, it still pays to be well-informed. And when it comes to a town or city’s seedy underbellies, the local customs and regulations more »

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Melbourne Escorts – Reasons The Relationship Has to End

It’s sad but true – not all relationships are meant to last. You can go from loving your partner, to hating the sight of them or else feeling nothing when you’re around them, for example. The lovely vixens at Melbourne Escorts may be the closest you’ll get to a real relationship, without the downsides to more »

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Melbourne Escorts – 5 Cool, New Places To Engage In A Quickie

If someone mentions the word “quickie” perhaps a lot of things will race across your mind. For starters, the word generally means “a thing that’s done in a hasty manner”. And of course, that “thing” can also refer to sex, because a “quickie” also refers to a sexual romp that’s to the point, exciting and more »

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Melbourne Escorts – Sizzling Sex with 5 Moves

Whether the weather is warm or cold, there are ways to make sure sex stays sizzling – and being single doesn’t have to mean you miss out on the fun, with the girls from Melbourne Escorts. Up the ante and stoke your lovely lady’s fire by using any of the following moves.   Don’t skimp more »

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Melbourne Escorts – Top 3 Tips For Men Who Want a No-Strings Attached Sex

For most men, scoring NSA (no string attached) sex with a hot woman is the main game – the hotter the girl and easier the sex, the better. Of course, this is not to say that guys don’t desire for a deeper connection at a later stage; it is just that uncomplicated mutual release is more »

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Melbourne Escorts – Secrets to Improving Your Sexual Game

There are many reasons for a bloke to hire an escort for an hour or two – even a day – of warm companionship and, quite possibly, toe-curling sex once behind closed doors. One of these is because they simply need a confidence boost before they go for an actual relationship. The lovely vixens at more »

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Melbourne Escorts– A Fun, Eye-Gouging Look At What Turns On Today’s Guys & Girls

Regardless of whether you’re married or single, or divorced, your sex life will at some point be altered or affected by work-related stress, certain medical conditions and even daily responsibilities. This explains why many of us need a little something, to perk us in the mood. However, there are different ways to turn yourself on, more »

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Blowing a Raspberry by Melbourne Escorts

I’ve been working for an escort agency like Melbourne Escorts for six months and one night, towards the close of a client meet, I was mixing some drinks in my apartment kitchen. As I brought the Raspberry margarita over, he accepted the drink with thanks as I knelt down in front of him, setting my more »

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How Being With Melbourne Escorts Makes You a Better Person

      Melbourne is a place filled with so much adventure and moments that will grant you the memory of your lifetime. Looking at the places that encompass the metro, attractions are overflowing and activities seem to come without an ending. However, their attractions do not stop there. They also have with them one more »

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Melbourne Escorts – 3 Advanced Positions for Intense Orgasms

The average moves could bore you but if you’re more than willing to take it up the notch then you got yourself one way ticket to pleasureville! Taking sex into the next level is not an easy thing. You should know that in leveling up, there’s no looking back and there’s no stopping. It’s the more »

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Melbourne Escorts – Exemplary Pleasures and Infinitesimal Sexual Releases

Melbourne  is one of the go-to cities where escort services are booming. The metro serves as a haven for vixens who are highly reviewed for their exemplary performances in delivering high levels of satisfaction.There is no denying it. The long lists of the professional courtesans of Melbourne Escorts are outstanding. Pleasures are a guarantee and sexual more »

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How to Find Hobart Escorts in the VIC adult entertainment

A wonderful adventure in Melbourne is unquestionably a terrific vacation experience most importantly if you’ve got someone to bring along with you when you are enjoying the holiday in the county. The ideal companion for this grand journey around the city is the gorgeous Aussie ladies. With them, you are reassured of quality time surrounding more »

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Melbourne Escort Agencies – Another Means of Finding Escorts in VIC

  For those who deemed about spending a grandiose holiday getaway in Melbourne, Australia, it could be awesome take pleasure in your stay accompanied by someone. The bewitching Australian women can be the best suited lovely companions for lonely gents. At their presence, guys are fortunate to be guided by them whilst traveling around the more »

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Melbourne’s Finest Girls in the Adult Entertainment

Do you want a pleasurable encounter with another person here in Australia? How about one thing that will keep your adrenaline pumping? A night with a stranger is fun but there’s a much better alternative for that. I know you’ve heard about escorts, but the ones in Melbourne are just jaw-dropping. Just fun and play, more »

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2 Kinds of Melbourne Escorts in the Red Light District

Melbourne is Victoria’s capital and is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. You might know the secret that lies in between the city walls and the naughty industry that thrives within it. The adult entertainment in Melbourne hosts a wide array of bars, strip clubs and brothels that provides pleasure and services more »

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An Epic Night with Melbourne Escort Girls

Do you want a pleasurable encounter with someone here in Australia? How about one thing that will keep your adrenaline pumping? A one-night-stand with a new person sounds exciting, but here’s a more satisfying and safer way to do it. Once you hire a Melbourne escort, every minute will make you ask for more. Just more »

8 Tips for an Erotic Massage with Melbourne Escorts

An erotic massage is a service most commonly offered by sexy Melbourne escorts. These ladies know how to use their naughty hands to relieve you of pain and stress from work. If you want to give the favor and perform a tantric erotic massage on them, then here are some great tips and tricks on more »

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The Hardships of a High Class Melbourne Escorts

Melbourne is one of the largest states in terms of adult entertainment. With that, there are also a number of local and touring escorts in the region. Unlike in Perth or in Sydney, Melbourne has stricter laws when it comes to adult ads, websites and sensitive information about escorts. Among these restrictions is the registration more »

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Melbourne Escorts – An Unrushed Experience in the Red Light District

Melbourne is a city filled with many tourists sights and sounds. Not only is it visited because its pristine atmosphere but for the unique and pleasurable adult entertainment. There are a lot of bachelors who come here to simply enjoy sexy companions and relax in VIP rooms with their friends and acquaintances. Most nightclubs downtown more »

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Gia James – The Sexxxiest Adult Entertainer in Melbourne

Melbourne had been a haven for many agency and independent escorts around the country. There are a lot of touring and local escorts within the region to cater to the intimate needs of gentlemen. If you are looking for a private experience with a high class escort, then you would love the company of Gia more »

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Lucie Bee’s Hot and Horny Tricks in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most beautiful places in Australia and with it, a lot of escort girls are now available for bookings. There are a lot of touring and local escorts that you can share an intimate experience with. Among the touring escorts in Melbourne is Lucie Bee – the newest escort from Sydney. more »

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Melbourne Escort Girls – Adult Entertainment only for you

Sexual cravings had always been an irresistible and insatiable thirst. To cater to gentlemen and bachelors with class, Melbourne escorts are now available. The adult entertainment industry in Australia’s finest escorts is at your disposal to make all your erotic fantasies a reality. Sexual role playing, exotic dancing and even light S and M, all more »

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Hot Erotic Story: My Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience with a Melbourne Asian Escort

Melbourne is famous for being home to many Asian escorts. This is my encounter with an elite Asian escort that I met in Melbourne. The hotness, the sex and the erotic encounters that I experienced with Midori… I was in Melbourne for 2 days for a business trip when I decided to book an escort, more »

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Melbourne Escorts for You: Beautiful Companions Inside and Out

When you go to Australia and need to hire an escort to accompany you during your stay, Melbourne is the best city to be. Melbourne has the best escorts that can make the men get easily hooked up because of their exceptional beauties. The Melbourne escorts are the absolute temptress. Escort agencies in Melbourne do not just hire more »

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Stay Kinky and Horny with Anne Melbourne

Booking escorts in Melbourne is one of my biggest and nastiest secret in my entire sex life. I arranged to meet “Elle” in my hotel while I was staying in the city for my business trip. Elle was a woman that had always pleased me in any way she can. We treated each other as more »

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Sheena Ray is Back in Melbourne for more Erotic Excitement!

To quench my curiosity for hot escorts and the kind of intimacy they offer, I booked an escort in Melbourne for 2 hours. I chose “Melina” and we met at my hotel (because I was in the city for only a few days). She exceeded my expectations and turned out to be a hot, sexy more »

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Madison Missina Visiting Melbourne for the First Time!

Dreaming of a porn star girlfriend? Experience the satisfaction and pleasure of having the hottest porn stars as your girlfriends, even for just a couple of hours. Give your time to Madison Missina – Australia’s very own porn star now a high class escort. Madison is exclusively touring in Melbourne for the first time from more »

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Anna Thea Maye: An Erotic. Exciting and Excellent High Class Escort

Hot, fit, new and purely erotic, these are the qualities that most men look for in escort girls around the country. On this website, we offer you only the freshest faces and the best high class escorts Melbourne has to offer. If you are looking for one, then get ready to meet Anna Thea Maye more »

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Gina Dion: One of the Most in-demand Touring Escort

The adult entertainment in Australia is further blossoming and hitting a steady high. Even with the regulations and laws within the state, especially in the escorting industry, a lot of escorts still come here. From international courtesans, touring girls and local escorts, you can find all the high class escorts in our website. But what more »

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Orissa: The Freshest Touring Melbourne Escort from Sydney

With Private Girls Australia, we give you the freshest and hottest faces in the region. High class escorts with the right attitude and even hotter bodies that you would never see yourself meeting. Meet Orissa – one of the newest girls to join our galleries. Orissa is a private escort from Sydney and is exclusively more »

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Ava Williams: Top Class Service at its Finest gives you the best and top class escorts in Melbourne. Meet Ava Williams – a Sydney based private escort. Ava is currently touring Melbourne until the 13th of April, after then, she will head to Perth for the rest of the month. Ava is not just  your regular touring escort, so if you want more »


Amber Green: Can you be my Valentine?

Are you looking for a lovely date this Valentine’s day? If you do then prepare yourself for an extraordinary night with Amber Green – a private escort based in Sydney. Amber is spending her Valentine’s day in the company of her clients in Melbourne until the 15th. She will take you on an erotic adventure more »

Lavedah: Your Eurasian Beauty Queen in Melbourne

Do you crave high class companionship? If you do, then prepare yourself for a night of erotic fun and excitement. Meet Lavida X – your very own local private escort in Melbourne. She makes sure that all her clients from each city that she visits is satisfied with her service whether you are looking for more »

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Bianca James: The Embodiment of your Erotic Fantasies

Looking for a blonde bombshell to complete your visit in Melbourne? A private girl has it covered for you. Meet Bianca James – a charming private escort based in Melbourne. Bianca is the girl that you have always wished for, a body with beautiful curves, gorgeous face and raunchy. Bianca will show you how blondes more »

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Brooke Michaels: A Personality to Match her Beauty

Find a great companion in Brooke Michaels – a private escort from Sydney now touring Melbourne and several Australian metros such as Canberra, Brisbane and Perth. Brooke is a woman who loves to give the best GFE to her clients. Deriving pleasure from pleasing his man is what makes her different from other escorts. Brooke more »

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Penelope Smith: Your European Treat in Melbourne

Melbourne is a carefree and beautiful city, perfect for your erotic getaways. If you are alone, a suitable companion is almost necessary. Meet Penelope Smith – a Melbourne local escort aiming to give you top class service. She is now gladly accommodating clients from Perth and cities in CBD. Penelope is a European delight giving more »

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Lindi Lash: Giving you True and Passionate Companionship

Blondes always have fun and same goes to Lindi Lash – our newest independent Melbourne escort. Lindi is a young 21 year old full of youthful energy and lusts for men that can further satiate her erotic thirsts. Not only that she loves to please and be pleased, Lindi also loves the genuine and passionate more »

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Melbourne Escort: Beauty Outside and In

Many people see escorts as beautiful women whether they are naturally born with beauty or had to go through the surgeon’s knife to achieve it . Being beautiful may be a prerequisite when you want to become an escort but it can only take you far in the business. There may be other factors that more »

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Private Escort Jessi: Sweet like Candy

Sweet, sultry and seductive, these are the qualities that Jessi; our young and vibrant Melbourne escort has. She has the qualities of a true woman with a size 8 body and long black hair, you can never go wrong in picking out this lovely Asian escort. Her photos suggest a sweet and loving woman; a more »

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What Makes a Good Melbourne Escort Client

Are you considering getting a companion not just for one night but can be booked, say for a week or more than that? If yes is your answer, then you are on the right track to have stumble upon on this site. Thank you for visiting Melbourne Escorts 4 You. This is where you can more »

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De-stressing Vacation with Melbourne Escorts

A hardworking man surely needs some time for himself; spend a grandiose getaway somewhere and enjoy sightseeing many majestic views. The beautiful cherry you can put on top of that de-stressing vacation is a lovely companion hanging by your arm. If you want a guaranteed holiday, you can’t go wrong Melbourne escorts. Melbourne is the more »


Your Fetishes and the Melbourne Escorts

One of the things that escort patrons are expecting from their lovely courtesans and boy escorts are the fetishes. When we mean to say fetishes, oftentimes referring to over sexual perception of a person to physical objects, inanimate that is or from a specific situation. When you come by to Australia, surely you will find more »


Melbourne Escorts and their Favored Clients

If you are looking for alluring Melbourne escorts, then you do not have to look any further. The girls that you can find in this website are high class courtesans eager to please their lucky clients. If you think that escorts accept every client call, think again. These girls are selective of their clients, some more »

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Melbourne Escorts: Improving your Dating Skills

Melbourne escorts are your perfect companions whenever you are around the city. These girls are the best in the escorting business and would do anything to give pleasure to their clients. If you happen to be in the city for a great time, check out the gallery for girls that would fulfill your erotic dreams. more »

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Melbourne Escort: Providing Non Sexual Services to Their Clients

Booking a Melbourne escort is a decision that you will never regret. Even when it comes to expenses, you will never regret everything that you have spent for an appointment with a Melbourne escort. As you can see from the gallery, this website is full of women that could pleasure you from head to toe. more »

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The Difference between Prostitution and Escorts

When talking about Melbourne escorts, you would usually say a prostitute or a sex worker but this is only half truth. Courtesans are beautiful ladies that are sophisticated and elegant women that give pleasure to their client. They are like your regular girlfriends n a span of time. But what is the difference between an more »

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The Proper Attitude towards Melbourne Escorts

When you are lonely and need of love, Melbourne escorts are your dire companions. These ladies will be able to keep you company around the city for some R and R. One good thing about these ladies is that they do not care if you are not as handsome as Brad Pitt as long as more »

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The Proper Mind Set When Dating an Escort

Melbourne escorts are coveted by many men that visit the city. These ladies sell their time for you for your satisfaction and you alone. If you are looking for the perfect tour guide whenever you visit the city, take a look around this website and you will surely find the woman that you are looking more »

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Melbourne Escorts and Your Dire Fetishes

Fetishes is a way of being sexually stimulated by a certain object or a situation. It is one of the most popular ways to engage in intercourse by using costumes, toys and other things that can sensually incite you. Men are generally sexual beings and are looking for more excitement in bed. Sometimes their girlfriends more »

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Myths and Misconceptions about Escorts

The escort industry is widely accepted within the modern world especially in Australia. But there are still common misconceptions that society made up because of taboos. Here are some of those myths that apply not only to our Melbourne escorts but to everyone of them around the world. The escort industry is a quick way of earning more »

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How to Effectively Communicate with Melbourne Escorts

With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to do basically anything. The Internet has paved many ways for most businesses that exist within this world. The escort industry has indeed benefited from cyberspace through internet marketing and communication. Getting in touch with Melbourne escorts is now made easier all thanks to technology. But more »

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Melbourne Sexy Ladies

Aside from the usual stress relieving views and culture in Australia, specifically Melbourne, you will also find the Melbourne Escorts gratifying in all aspects. Melbourne is one of the most famous cities in Australia. Some of the most visited places are its own central business district, Royal Botanic Gardens, Federation Square, and Yarra Valley. But, most more »

Melbourne Escorts – One Way of Appreciating the Beauty of Melbourne

One of the most renowned places in Australia is in the state of Victoria. Melbourne is one of the most sought after city all over the world. Holding the top spot for the most livable city in the world, Melbourne is definitely a sight to see. Visited by millions of tourists every year, the place more »