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Could you name one solid indicator of how healthy you really are? If you got no idea, well let me give you one great indicator of just how healthy you are, and it’s your – sex drive! According to health experts, your sex drive is a perfect overall indicator of just how healthy you are. If you’re a guy and you are not waking up with regular erections (especially if you’re below 50 years old), then there could be something wrong with you. Remember that the happier your body is, the more sexual desire it will have. Here’s a look at a couple of herbs and spices that can miraculously lift your libido.

Have you ever had problems recently with maintaining erections, and struggling to keep your girlfriend or favourite Melbourne Escorts happy and satisfied in bed? Perhaps you should regularly consume herbs like ginseng!

There are two ginseng variants that are recommended for those who have problems getting or maintaining an erection, and there include Korean and Indian ginseng. Korean ginseng encourages a rush of blood flow (especially when taken 10 to 30 minutes before sex) and it also promotes healthier testosterone levels in the long-term.

Indian ginseng or “ashwagandha” is a commonly-used aphrodisiac, and has been proven to reduce stress and inflammation. It has also been proven to increase sperm quality in men, and promote reproductive health and fertility in women!

Pine Pollen
In a number of studies, two to three tablets containing fine pollen powder have been shown to boost testosterone levels in guys. Just make sure you buy the real stuff, as there have been reports of fake pollen powder being sold in pharmacies!
Maca Root Powder
Maca root is identified as an adaptogen and a member of the cruciferous family (just like cabbage and broccoli), but due to its unique properties it’s been hailed as one of the world’s best natural super foods.

This pleasant-tasting root is grown mostly in the mountains of South America, and consuming it makes the individual feel more alive and energetic, and leaves them with a sense of well-being as the root helps elevate the levels of “feel good” endorphins.

If you chose to take any, or all of these herbs for uplifting your libido, just make sure you go for all-natural and organic products or supplements, because if you happen to ingest the fake ones, your girlfriend, or even your favourite Melbourne Escorts won’t feel any difference in your performance!

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