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Melbourne Escorts – 3 Advanced Positions for Intense Orgasms

The average moves could bore you but if you’re more than willing to take it up the notch then you got yourself one way ticket to pleasureville! Taking sex into the next level is not an easy thing. You should know that in leveling up, there’s no looking back and there’s no stopping. It’s the same sensation as experiencing your first orgasm. Once you pop, you can never stop!


Sexy Melbourne EscortThe master seductresses of Melbourne Escorts are very versatile when it comes to executing their sexual prowess. They can go from the very simple vanilla sex and get as wet and wild as BDSM. They can even go both ways. Furthermore, delivering pleasures is what they do and they can definitely enhance their level of expertise depending on your discretion.

Bring in the V

Sit your girl at the kitchen counter and position yourself in front of her. Your legs are slightly bent and should be at most 3 feet apart. Your girl’s arms will be rested on your shoulders with your arms wrapped around her lower back. Now, slowly pull each of your girl’s legs up to your shoulders while you slide your throbbing rod inside her dripping pussy.

The next moves shall be instinctual, begin pounding her in this position and she will be screaming with high intensity!

The Dirty Cross

Have your girl lie down on her side with her arms above her head. Position your body so it’s perpendicular to hers then slowly raise her top leg. Position your middle torso to her vagina and ease yourself slowly inside her. Once your bodies are intertwined, start thrusting your cock harder into her succulence while your hands are resting on her shoulders for leverage.

If you have longer extremities, reach up to the front of her and grope her breasts. Also, if you’re a bender, you can extend to stimulating her clitoris. Should you find the position difficult, let her touch herself while you rock her body to ecstasy!

An Arse like That

While you’re on the bed, sit yourself up so you are forming a 90 degree angle as your legs are stretched to your front. Then have your girl straddle you with her facing the opposite direction to your face. As she lowers herself to you, ease your rigid shaft into her tight pussy. Once you are positioned deeply inside her, let her lean her upper body down to your legs while she stretches hers on the opposite end of yours.

Once you are planted firmly inside her, start thrusting your hips in her direction while she uses your legs for support to meet your hardness. You will most likely be hitting her g – spot with this position. Plus, you get to grope and watch her ass while you pump her like crazy!

These positions are just three of the many advanced positions that the agile and luscious girls of Melbourne Escorts can deliver without difficulty. Test your level of expertise and check them out now. You’ll never know – you could have her screaming her name from too much pleasure!

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