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Melbourne Escorts – 3 Everyday Occasions That Call for Hot, Steamy Sex

Melbourne Escorts

Melbourne Escorts

While most guys certainly don’t need an excuse to have sex, it turns out that on certain days or occasions, you need to get real busy in bed, as there are certain benefits to getting it on during these times. Here’s a look at a couple of everyday occasions that call for hot, steamy sex.

After a Bad Day

Who doesn’t want a round or two of hot and steamy sex with ladies as hot and sizzling as the Melbourne Escorts, especially after a bad day at work?  According to health and sex experts, sex might be a much healthier choice than a couple of beers, especially if you want to shake off the stress of a tough day at the office!

Numerous studies have also shown that sex and other forms of physical affection – which even includes holding hands, significantly improves your mood and lowers stress levels for days (or even weeks) to come!

In addition, working out that tension and frustration in bed can actually make you more passionate and enthusiastic. And along as your lover, or hookup buddy, is not the source of your anger, angry sex can be so red hot!

Two Weeks Into Her Cycle

A lot of studies have also suggested that around two weeks into a woman’s menstrual cycle, her clitoris grows up to 20% bigger and becomes engorged more easily. Thus, this means that the lady may orgasm more easily on this particular day. This is right around the time that ovulation occurs. So, it would make good sense that her body would be craving for a lot of sex too!

In the Morning

Your body, and that of your girlfriend, or the lovely Melbourne Escorts, was made for morning sex too! Many sex experts say that not only your testosterone and energy levels are higher in the morning, but the increase in oxytocin levels also keeps you and your partner bonded throughout the day, while the endorphins boost your mood!


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