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Melbourne Escorts – 3 More Cool Tips on How to Keep Music Festival Hookups Fun and Clean

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Melbourne Escorts

Whether you’re a rock music fan, or an R&B and hip-hop enthusiast, you’d definitely agree that music festivals are such cool places to go to. Why? Because in music fests, you just don’t enjoy listening to your favourite artists and bands play their music live, but you also get to meet new people, drink lots of beer, whisky or rum, and of course you even get a chance to have sex with new hot people! Here are a couple more cool tips on how to keep music festival hookups fun and clean.

Keep Things Cushy

If you’d like your music festival experience (or “sexperience”) to be fun and comfortable at the same time,  you need to step things up by bringing along with you an inflatable camping mattress that works in a variety of temperatures, if only to avoid a freezing tundra-like sex surface, to the chagrin of your girlfriend, or even your preferred Melbourne Escorts! But if you don’t want to spend a lot, perhaps you could bring your down comforter from home, along with a couple of pillows!

Keep it Legal

Unless you are going to a music festival that explicitly allows nudity, or even public sex acts, don’t expect a hassle-free romp in public if the organizers don’t allow it! Thus, find a tent, or bring your very own tent, or a van, or find a heavily-wooded area that’s far from the crowds.

Remember that in most US states, and in other countries too, getting arrested for public indecency is not something funny, for you can languish in jail for years! Or perhaps, you could wait till a very popular singer or band takes centre-stage, and you and your lady can head on to a relatively empty campsite area!

Keep it Down

Because tent walls are definitely far from being soundproof, make sure you stick to indoor voices for dirty talk, and for humping too. You could bring along a portable Bluetooth speaker to play tunes, and to somehow obscure any sleazy sex sounds!

And if you’re bringing along your girlfriend, or you favourite Melbourne Escorts, make sure you have an open and clear pre-fest conversation about each other’s plans for hooking up, so you don’t end up having someone else uninvited to your tent or RV!

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