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Melbourne Escorts – 3 More Reasons Why No One is Good at Shower Sex

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If you asked ten random individuals on the street to tell you which sex position is the riskiest, and the most unsafe, perhaps more than half of them will tell you its shower sex! Well, despite all the negativity, the shower is still the second best place in your house to have sex! However, before start falling in love with it, here are 3 more reasons why no one is good, or a hundred percent adept, at shower sex.

It’s Not About Being Clean
Do you love shagging in the showers with your girlfriend, or with the hot and alluring Melbourne Escorts? Then again, since you’re both using a lot of soap and shampoo while boning, and things are starting to get extra bubbly and slippery, perhaps you’re starting to forget that it’s all about having sexy times, and it’s not about getting clean!

There are No Easy Standing Sex Positions
Despite what the movies and TV talk shows tell you about sex, the truth is that there are no easy standing penetrative sex positions, and of course there’s nothing with doing standing sex in a wet and slippery shower!

Standing sex works well if you have a massive porn dick like that of your favourite male porn star, and the other individual happens to be incredibly lightweight, and is also part of the current run of the world-famous Cirque du Soleil! Face it dude, standing sex is not for us normal people!

And instead of picking each other up for slippery vertical boning, which is dangerous even for the less-slippery areas of the home, why don’t you try washing each other’s hair instead? And then spend the rest of the hour just feeling each other up while making out like horny high school kids!

The One Performing Oral Sex Will Likely Get Water up Their Nose
Another major challenge of oral sex is that the one performing oral sex will inevitably get water up his or her nose, which ups your risk of getting brain-eating bacteria or some other illness! Well, the best option however would be to rap squat in from of your girlfriend, or lovely Melbourne Escorts’ private parts, and have their back block the water!

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