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Melbourne Escorts – 3 More Sleazy Sex Games to Play in Bed Tonight

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Are your nights in bed slowly starting to become dull, boring and repetitive? Perhaps you could revive your erotic life by adding to the mix a couple of exciting, and truly sleazy – sex games! According to a recent US study, participants in long-term relationships who orgasmed more, engaged in oral sex, experimented with more sex positions, and played sex games, reported being highly satisfied with their sex lives! Here are a couple more sleazy sex games to play in bed tonight.

Recreate an Iconic Movie Sex Scene

Here’s one potentially fun and exciting sex game that you can try out tonight in bed with your girlfriend, or with the hot and alluring Melbourne Escorts, and it’s recreating an iconic movie sex scene!

Take out or choose your favourite movie scene, study it and check out the truly insane scenes that you see. Now, reenact it (But in a safe manner please) with your partner, and then realize how ridiculous movie sex scenes are. To up the ante, you could opt to re-enact porn scenes too!

Try an Easy Balancing Act

To do this fun balancing act game, you (or your partner’s) hands must be palms down on a table, each quarter resting on the back of the hand. Now, you have 1 minute to do whatever it takes to upset those two hands. I bet you, or your partner, couldn’t balance two quarters in your hands for 10 minutes!

Get Creative With Blindfolds

Blindfold your partner (and take turns blindfolding each other) and play a guessing game. For example, what kind of food are you feeding them? Or, what are you touching them with? And, where will you touch them next? The good thing is that you can easily buy different types of blindfold out there, from simple blindfolds to a complete Pleasure Set with feather teaser, blindfold, and even a couple’s massager to add!

And if you’d like to play sex games in playing card formats, well you can actually buy an actual sex game in adult stores offline and online today! Some are set up like board games, of which board games are the “in-thing” these days. Have fun playing any, or all, of these sex games tonight with your girlfriend, or with the lovely and sizzling Melbourne Escorts!

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