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Melbourne Escorts – 3 Reasons Why Jerking Off Is Good For Your Health

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If someone tells you that masturbating is “bad” for you, perhaps you should show them the middle finger! In fact, most health and sex experts say that jerking off can actually be very beneficial to your body, and it can even prolong your lifespan! Here’s a look at three reasons why jerking off is beneficial to our health and wellness.

It Helps You Avoid STDs
One of the greatest perks of jerking off in your private or alone time is that you actually avoid contracting STDs like herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia as well as HIV/AIDS! But then again if you got a lot of free time and money to spare, why jerk off by your lonesome, when you can have an exciting and truly interesting time with the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts!

It Can Make You Look Much Younger
As it turns out, the secret to looking way younger than your age is to masturbate more! According to British clinical psychologists who carried out a survey of thousands of men and women aged from 40 to 50 about their sex life, it was revealed that the folks who appeared younger than their age have sex thrice a week compared to people who look older and have sex just once weekly!

The clinical psychologists also added that jerking off actually alters your brain cells in positive ways, which can be done through a technique called “mindful masturbation”, which is being fully present in your body and savouring each sensation during masturbation. The technique also creates new neural pathways in the brain which carry over into your daily life.

It Can Prolong Your Life Too
And since jerking off can make you look younger, and it helps you avoid the common STDs, it’s a no-brainer that masturbating can help prolong your life too! According to a 20-year study that was published in the British Medical Journal, the men who have more numbers of orgasms lead a better life all around than those blokes who don’t have that much orgasms.

Considering all the advantages the jerking off brings, it’s only inevitable that it will prolong your life too. But then again if jerking off by your lonesome just feels so boring, perhaps you could up the ante by going on a date with the lovely and sizzling Melbourne Escorts!

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