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Melbourne Escorts – 3 Signs She’s a High Maintenance Woman

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There’s something about a high maintenance woman that makes many blokes want to date one, and yet, you’ll hear one or the other complain about how difficult it is. True, taking her out on dates and buying her gifts can burn through your wallet faster than you’d like. But, just like the gorgeous babes at Melbourne Escorts, she’s still just a woman. Albeit with higher standards than you might like, but still a woman.

The truth is, many men want to date a high maintenance woman, but not all are up to the challenge. If you honestly feel you’d be out of your league, here are a few signs of the high maintenance babe to look out for.

1. She reacts badly when another female puts her down. In general, people shouldn’t put each other down, but there are individuals who just can’t help it. A high maintenance woman has high standards for herself and therefore feels she’s better than the average babe, leading to a bad reaction if one such average lady tries to knock her off her pedestal.

2. She looks like she just came from the salon. Many women spend an hour or more getting ready to go out, and yet they can’t seem to come close to how put together the high maintenance babe looks. Perfectly coiffed hair, gorgeous, head-turning makeup and an ensemble that shows off her assets – her high standards extend to her appearance, and she’s not about to let you forget it.

3. Other people think she’s spoiled. She’d call herself a perfectionist, but other people have less favourable words to describe her attention to the little things that another lady might just overlook. For her, mediocrity is an insult, and she’d rather not deal with it.

Once again, a high maintenance woman isn’t for everyone – and even then, the label is subjective. A man who can cater to her needs won’t think to call her that, right? That said, if you don’t think you’re ready to date one, there’s no need to force yourself to do so. If you don’t think you’re ready to date any lady just yet, you can get used to the idea by hiring one of the lovely women at Melbourne Escorts. Browse the gallery today!

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