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Melbourne Escorts – 3 Steps to Getting a Foreplay Right to the Spot

Are you getting tired of the usual sex experience? Do you think that you’re not giving your partner the right kind of sex? Well, if you think so, then for sure you both lack the right mix of foreplay. According to Melbourne Escorts, foreplay is one of the best ways to spice things up in the bedroom. Heck, it is even enough to make her come, without you even penetrating her.

Melbourne Escorts

Melbourne Escorts

If you want to be an expert when it comes to foreplay, then be sure to continue reading. Below are some of the ways that can help you go through it all!

Practice Is Key

Probably the most sure-fire way to get to know a woman sexually and lead her to repeat orgasms is to indulge in sex play without any form of penetration. Consider banishing intercourse for a week or two and engaging purely in other forms of sexual interaction (mutual oral sex, for instance) for an eye-opening experience guaranteed to broaden both your sexual horizons. And when you do resume intercourse, you’ll have a renewed appreciation for the pleasures of the journey there.

Ask Your Partner for Feedback

Women tend to know what they love in foreplay but may be shy in asking for what they want. What they really appreciate is a lover who asks if they’re enjoying the action as it progresses, with questions like “How does it feel if I do this?” or “Would you like me to do this a little harder or softer?” Good communication and a willingness to please in bed ensures a happy lover and ultimately, great sex

Apply Varied Stimulation

As the nerve endings become less sensitive with ongoing touch, variation from light to firm strokes and moving from one spot to another ensures the stimulation stays arousing. Here, you need to get your mind working. You need to put in some creativity in order to keep the action’s momentum going.

If you’re looking for more amazing tips like these, the best way is to give Melbourne Escorts a call. They have the right girls to accompany you tonight and, ultimately, they know how to please a man the right way. If you’re not busy, then book one!

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