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Melbourne Escorts – 3 Things You Should Be Doing After Sex

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There’s no definite way to describe sex. It can be great, it can be underwhelming; it can be fun, it can be forgettable. Of course, a session with one of the sexy vixens at Melbourne Escorts would be anything but forgettable. For all the possible ways to describe the act itself, what about what comes after?

Surprisingly, not many couples realise there are things you need to do post-coitus – and things you shouldn’t – in order to either strengthen your relationship or make sure your body stays healthy. Here are some of those post-sex ‘rules’ you need to know.

1. Drink some water. Sex is a workout, after all, and you definitely would have sweated it out. You don’t have to run to the kitchen right away, but you should drink a cup or two eventually. This way, if Round Two happens, you’re going to be prepared. Being dehydrated means you’re going to tire more quickly, which then means going at it at again won’t be as pleasurable for either of you.

Face it, though – feeling dehydrated isn’t great, and it’s just not healthy.

2. Talk about it. Take some time after sex to talk with your partner and mention what you liked, not to mention hint at whatever you didn’t enjoy as much. Don’t forget to let her do the same. Maybe you loved the lingerie she picked out, or you both liked the new position you tried.

By not rolling over and going right to sleep, you tell your partner that you’re not just after sex, but you also want to learn what you can do to make it better for her when you next get frisky together. If anything, this will strengthen your relationship.

3. Cuddle your partner. Speaking of actions that will strengthen relationships, cuddling is a way for you to make her feel appreciated and wanted. Putting your arms around her has a protective and loving feel to it, which is something she won’t soon forget. Also, cuddling releases feel-good hormones, adding to the beneficial relaxing effect of sex itself.

If you already follow these ‘rules’, then you know how to make your partner a happy one. If not, then just keep these in mind for the next time. Don’t have a committed partner? Browse the gallery at Melbourne Escorts to find the best courtesan for you!

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