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Melbourne Escorts – 3 Ways on How to Handle an Erection Fail, According to Women

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Most women (and nearly all men too) are aware that a man’s “point of pride” literally hangs between his legs! So what happens when your manhood fails to stand up and perform? Well, don’t worry, for there are a number of ways on how to address this problem, as we asked a couple of women to help us find solutions for the occasional flaccid penis. Well, here are 3 ways on how to handle an erection fail, and this is according to women.

Do Not Over-Internalise It
If you were in the midst of some intense action in bed with your hookup buddy, or your preferred Melbourne Escorts, and suddenly your shaft went limp or flaccid, take a deep breath and relax!

We all know that you are going to be so embarrassed, but it’s okay to feel that way. However, our lovely female “consultants” or respondents say that you shouldn’t be embarrassed for too long, or get overly depressed about it, and stopping sexy time altogether!

According to one female sex therapist, guys shouldn’t over-internalise this, but instead they should relax, and take their sweet time to get their shaft back in action, because the easier it will be for them to get their bearings back!

Do Not Let the Pleasure Stop
If you’ve lost the wind in your sails, it doesn’t mean that you should end the whole interaction all together. The truth is that there are many ways for you and your partner to enjoy being together without actual penetration. And more importantly, you might find yourself getting re-aroused in the process.

And as another female sex therapist points out, “we have hands, fingers, tongues, toes etc., and we are all erogenous beings from head to toe”! She further adds that this minor setback could actually be a very good opportunity for both partners to pleasure each other without the driving imperative of orgasm, when the focus should be on pleasure!

But then again, if your manhood is as healthy and active as ever, who’s stopping you from having an all-around erotic adventure with the alluring Melbourne Escorts!

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