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Melbourne Escorts – 3 Ways to Kiss Your Friend Without Ruining Your Friendship

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Have you ever wondered about what kissing a friend would be like? If you have, then don’t worry – being attracted to a friend isn’t new or surprising, whether the friends in question resembles a celebrity or some of the lovely babes at Melbourne Escorts or not. However, not everyone who feels such attraction tries to act on it, especially in a very forward way.

Unless you know the desire is mutual, it’s a good idea to keep from making things more complicated than they really need to be. However, there are ways to kiss a friend you’re attracted to – and get away with it, too.

1. Kiss her when you’re drunk. This is the safest way to kiss a friend without making her feel awkward around you afterward. Whether you’re at a bar with friends or you’re at a party, wait until you feel the alcohol getting to you a little and find a cosy spot next to your friend – preferably one that’s isolated. Talk for a bit, and then lean in to kiss her at some point.

2. Use the accidental kiss tactic. This works fairly well if you’re a club that tends to get very loud and you have to shout or put your mouth quite close to the other person’s ear to be heard. You’ll want to turn and look at the friend you’re attracted to the moment you know she’s close enough and in the middle of a sentence, and your lips will meet accidentally.

3. Play a game. A drinking game where the loser has to do something the winner chooses, spin the bottle, or truth or dare are ideal for this. There are some risks, such as someone else kissing your friend instead of you, or you may end up getting more than a kiss. In such cases, it’s a good idea not to push your luck so that your friend doesn’t suspect anything.

Above all, though, remember that you shouldn’t take advantage of your friend, no matter how much you want to try kissing her. This means no kissing her if she’s drunk – unless she makes the first move – or if she’s asleep, and don’t kiss her if she’s crying on your shoulder.

Speaking of kisses and intimacy, if you need some company for any reason, just browse the gallery at Melbourne Escorts. You’re sure to find the perfect courtesan for you.

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