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Melbourne Escorts – 4 Items That You Should Not Substitute for Lube

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Looking to further elevate the level of fun, and comfort, in bed? Perhaps you and your partner should start using lube! This slippery tool is truly amazing to grab when you want to take that orgasm up a notch. or when your lady is facing a dry situation down there, and needs a quick fix. However, if you don’t have lube handy at home, or in a hotel, please do not use these items as a substitute for lube.


Before you and your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts ever consider using lotion as a lube substitute, remember this – There are a lot of potential irritants in lotions, like perfumes and propyl glycols , which are water-soluble compounds that help lotion stay moist. These compounds can also cause swelling, puffiness and general irritation down there!


Before you start using your own spit as  lube substitute, remember that spit is not slippery enough to be an effective lube. In addition, spit also facilitates the transmission of sexually-transmitted diseases, and could introduce infection into a woman’s vagina, just as unprotected sex can!


Since this cooking staple is generally oil-based, then it’s not definitely condom-compatible. In addition, shortening makes for a terrible lubricant, because if it’s not all that slippery, then for most women it won’t be effective. And since shortening wasn’t specifically formulated for vaginal use, there’s always a chance that it could irritate a woman’s vagina!

Baby Oil

Sex experts say that not only will baby oil quash a condom’s effectiveness,  but using it in a woman’s vagina can also increase her risks of developing a yeast infection! So, before you and your hookup buddy, or lovely Melbourne Escorts start considering the use of baby oil, keep this in mind – A study has found a link between the intra-vaginal use of baby oil and Candida species colonisation! Yikes!

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