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Melbourne Escorts – 4 More After-Sex Habits That are Beneficial to Couples

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What usually happens to you and your partner after having sex? Do you quickly go to sleep after shagging, or do you continue to engage in some post-sex foreplay, like do some cuddling, kissing, or talk about feelings? According to sex therapists, “afterplay”, or the things that you do in those first moments post-romp, is actual very good for you and your partner! Here’s a look at a couple of after-sex habits that are truly beneficial to couples.

Have a Replay

This after sex activity is sure to give you and your girlfriend, or lovely Melbourne Escorts, a very good chance to talk about what did it for you during that last round. In this period, it would be good to use “I Language” here, like “I really loved it when you touched me like that”! By hearing your partner’s highlights, you get a boost of confidence, as well as great ideas, for the next outing!

Be Silly

Since sex can be pretty serious, one great way of lightening up the mood is for couples to connect with humour! And since you and your partner may already be feeling pretty good at this moment, why don’t you spend more time being silly if the occasion pops up, as some light self-deprecating humour can go a long, long way to helping your partner feel that you are being open and vulnerable!

Maintain Eye Contact

While it may be s tempting to lay on your back and look at the ceiling after a solid sex workout,  it would rather be good if you touch each other, and maintain eye contact while doing it, because it would be great for intimacy! Most sex experts say that this is perhaps the most effective way to bond after sex, and this sends the message to your partner that they are present, and the presence brings about amazing sex!

Eat Light in Bed

After a hot and sizzling romp with your girlfriend, or your favourite Melbourne Escorts, why not have some light snacks in bed? According to sex experts, eating light in bed and feeding each other can be very bonding. So, try hand-feeding your lady pieces of fruit or bits of chocolate!

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