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Melbourne Escorts – 4 More Oral Sex Positions That You Will Need in Your Life

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Melbourne Escorts

Most women can’t get an orgasm from penetration alone, and that’s a fact. And of course, most dudes out there love blowjobs too. So, it only seems fair to both of you to update, or enhance your oral repertoire. Here are a couple of truly hot oral sex positions that you can use for both foreplay and the main event.

The Cliff Hanger

Here’s one unique oral sex technique or method that you can try applying the next time you meet up with the hot and sizzling Melbourne Escorts, and it’s aptly called The Cliff Hanger! Here, your lady sits on the edge of the bed, and lays back with her legs draped over the edge.

When you kneel between her legs, your head will be angle down towards her vagina, giving you direct access to her clitoris. This one also leaves your hands free to play with her nipples, or finger her for double pleasure!

The Faux Deep Throat

If your lady wants to go for the feel of deep throating without the nasty gagging part, she could do so by lubing up her hand to take that part of your shaft that she can’t handle. She strokes this in harmony with her mouth, or works them in opposite directions. You’ll love this too because she’d be looking into your eyes, and moaning at the same time!

The Swiper

To do The Swiper, you create a little suction with your mouth over your partner’s clit and labia, and then you shake your head side to side in circles, fast or slow. This mimics the way a lot of ladies touch themselves, and will get them to orgasm well too. It would be best if you lady elevates her bum on some pillows to give you easy access!

The Super Size Me

When you’re close to having an orgasm, your girlfriend, or perhaps even the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts, stops briefly and/or tugs gently downward on your thighs (Or balls?) to cool you down. She then repeats this tortuous edging until you beg her to let you come!

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