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Melbourne Escorts – 4 More Stream-Worthy TV Shows That Can Truly Get You in the Mood

Melbourne Escorts

Melbourne Escorts

Looking to find a lot of stream-worthy TV shows that can certainly help get you in the mood? Well, apart from the seeing usual stuff like the Game of Thrones, Entourage, Hung or The Girlfriend Experience and others, here are a couple more explicit, stream-worthy shows that can get you in the mood, even if they’ve been released a year ago.

If you, and perhaps your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts are looking for some truly stream-worthy and truly steam stuff to watch, especially on Netflix, Showtime, Amazon and Hulu, perhaps you could check out this show called Weeds!
Here, before Jenji Kohan was exploring life in prison, she was making a show about something that can get you there – drug dealing. However, the good thing is that this TV show offers more than just dealing drugs, for there are lots of sleazy scenes too, because as we all know, anyone on drugs will have the penchant to do a lot of real weird stuff. Like have sex regularly?

Lip Service
This show is described by IMDB as one that talks about the “lives, loves and lusts of Lipstick Lesbians in Scotland”. It follows the everyday lives of a group of lesbians and features some very steamy love scenes. In fact, in episode 2, the show starts with a particularly steamy, and rewarding, morning encounter! Check this out on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

The L Word
After six seasons, the show has already racked up a lot of steamy love scenes, of which some TV analysts counted 97 in total. Whatever your sexual preferences, you will definitely find scenes that suit your erotic fancy! You could stream the L Word on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix.

The Affair
This he-said, she-said series is basically all about beautiful people hooking up in secret. In addition, you also get mystery and murder, as well as a laughable depiction of the publishing industry. Have fun checking these, and the other, stream-worthy and truly sleazy TV shows online with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts!

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