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Melbourne Escorts – 4 Reasons Why Drinking More Fruit Juices is Good for Your Sex Life

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I guess all of us know the health benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables, and sometimes it gets a little boring hearing the same benefits over and over again. But hey, apart from reducing the risks of stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancer obesity and more, eating (and drinking) fruits is also good for your sex life! Here’s a look at a couple of reasons why drinking more fruit juices is good for your sex life.

Fruit Sugar Increases Stamina

Here’s on amazing reason why you and your girlfriend, or your preferred Melbourne Escorts, should drink more fruit juices, and it’s because fruit sugar increases stamina! The natural sugars in fruit called fructose actually increase endurance, so that you’ll have more energy to go the extra mile rather than stopping halfway, out of breath and needing a break!

Fruits Provide Natural Lubrication

The water, or the liquids, that are inside the fruits we consume can actually help hydrate us through hot and sweaty days,  as the liquids help with the natural production of lubricants. And if your pee is not clear throughout the day, perhaps you should drink more water, as well as more fruit juice!

You’ll Have Softer, More Sensual Skin

Eating, and drinking, a lot of fruit also makes your skin smoother and brighter, which in turn makes you more confident about your body. The fructose in fruit also increases serotonin production, which in turn makes you feel better about yourself.

And if you have pimples or bad skin caused by stress, and eating too much fatty foods, you might feel self-conscious about rubbing against your partner. Thus, pump up the fruit and your self-esteem will pump itself up too!

Fruit Eaters Taste Better

This may sound kind of taboo, but hey most sex experts stress that fruit eaters literally taste better! When it comes to talk about oral sex, eating more fruit on a regular basis will make you and your girlfriend, as well as your favourite Melbourne Escorts, taste and smell better, fruity even!

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