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Melbourne Escorts – 4 Reasons Why Vanilla Sex is Still So Hot and Amazing

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Have you ever heard of terms like “Vanilla Sex” Well, according to the experts, vanilla sex is defined as “sex that involves no twists or kinkiness, and no sadism and masochism too (Or S&M). Basically, vanilla sex is plain regular sex, which is the typical sweet, happy and lovey-dovey type. But, hey vanilla sex sounds pretty much okay to many of us today! Here are a couple of reasons why vanilla sex is still so hot and amazing.

You Won’t Have to Deal With Sticky Food All Over Your Body

Who cares if you’re still engaging in vanilla sex with your hookup partner, or with the hot and sizzling Melbourne Escorts, if you enjoy doing it! Vanilla sex often tends to get a bad rap today, because it’s accused of being safe, boring and same old-same old.

However, if you’re not much into fetishes like food play, you don’t have to worry about sticky food getting plastered all over your body, because chocolate and whipped cream can be messy, and your sheets can get stained and smell weird the next day too!

No One Will Be Disappointed

And since vanilla sex is deemed as too safe or too boring, the good thing is that no one will be disappointed. Sometimes, when you’re trying out new things in bed, it might not go your way, or as you planned it to go. So, why not just do the usual vanilla stuff, and stay satisfied?

If You Feel Intimidated by Sex Toys, Then You Don’t Have to Use Them

Another good thing about sticking to vanilla sex, and loving it, is that there’s just no pressure for you and your partner to try experimenting with sex toys, perhaps because you feel intimidated with using them!

You Know Exactly What You’re Doing

And perhaps the best thing about vanilla sex is that since you’ve done the routine a million times already, then you already know exactly what you are doing in bed! So, kick the stress and pressure to perform out the window, and enjoy every bit of vanilla sex with ladies and hot and exciting as the Melbourne Escorts!

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