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Melbourne Escorts – 4 Secrets to An Unforgettable First Time

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When hooking up with someone for the first time, you may feel equal parts nervousness and excitement. After all, you’ve never been to bed together before, and without you realising it, things could get awkward. The gorgeous vixens at Melbourne Escorts can help make the awkwardness easier to deal with, but you won’t always be with one of them, of course.

When it’s your first time to be with someone in bed, it helps to remember it’s not about reaching the finish line; what you should be more concerned with is how much you both enjoy the experience. So here are a few ways you can focus on that instead, and really enjoy your time together.

1. Just relax. She won’t be able to unwind and relax herself if she can see or feel that you’re not doing the same, and it may cause her to feel worried all throughout your tryst. Don’t worry about helping her reach her own climax, either. Again, just see that she enjoys what’s happening, and that it feels good for her. The aim is to have a good time, all in all.

2. Use touch to explore each other. When you lock gazes and let your hands do the exploring, it somehow becomes hotter – because you don’t know where each one is going to touch next. Keeping your eyes on each other also makes the whole experience more intimate, which will help her get into it even more.

Speaking of touching and exploring, remember to use pressure that’s barely there, which is more of a turn-on for women.

3. Time your breathing. The more intimate the encounter feels, or the more connected she feels with you, the less trouble she’ll have reaching her climax. Just breath in sync, and you’ll be closer to achieving this feeling of connectedness.

4. Take a balanced approach. It’s important to be confident, but not too forward or even aggressive, or she’ll likely think twice before meeting with you again. So don’t try anything you know she won’t be okay with for your first time together. Unless, of course, she hints at being okay with it, whatever it is.

So kiss first-time nervousness goodbye, and hello to great bedroom experiences. If you need a bit of practice, though, look through the pages at Melbourne Escorts. You’ll find the best escort for you.

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