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Melbourne Escorts – 4 Telltale Signs That Sex with Someone is About to Get a Hell More Fun

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Melbourne Escorts

There will be occasions when you’re hooking up with someone for the first time, or even the fourth time, and the sex fine, but you feel that it’s not “great”. You’ll perhaps even feel that you like this person but you aren’t sure if the chemistry, or their sexual skills, merits giving them a second shot. While you may not feel the sexual fireworks yet, here are a couple of telltale signs that if you stick with her, then the sex is going to get a hell of a lot more fun.

They Use Your Feedback in Real Time
If you tell your girlfriend, or your favourite Melbourne Escorts, to “touch me a little to the left”, and to your surprise they actually touch you a little to the left, this means that they’re listening to you, and they’re actually really trying! And even if your partner isn’t totally nailing your instructions every time, remember that a good student makes a good sex partner, especially if they get the opportunity to study up!

They Do Something You Said You Liked the Last Time You Hooked Up
If you your partner kissed you in the way that you described the last time you hooked up, the natural and unprompted action is a sign that they are paying attention not only in the moment, but over time, which bodes very well for an eventually exciting sex life!

They Take Their Time on Foreplay
Someone who doesn’t rush through, or completely skip all the wonderful ways of foreplay is definitely onto something! Research shows that the “golden trio” of genital stimulation, deep kissing and oral sex is more likely to make a person orgasm, than a penis mindlessly thrusting in and out of a woman’s vagina!

During Sex, They Ask Questions
If your partner asks you stuff like “how does it feel” , or “what can I do to make you feel good?”, then you should have good reason to believe that your girlfriend, or even your most preferred Melbourne Escorts, is truly invested in your pleasure, and is not just getting her own rocks off!

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