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Melbourne Escorts – 4 Ways to Have Sex When It’s Too Hot Outside

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If there’s one thing that can ruin the moment, especially when it comes to getting sleazy and frisky, perhaps it’s the hot and humid summer heat! It’s because who wants to get real close, and in skin-to-skin contact, when the space between your bodies is so sweaty and gross! Before your partner tells you to “Get off me!”, here are a number of ways on how to have sex when it’s too hot outside.

Strip Before You Get Down
If you’re already in bed, kissing and going through the motions, and the heat outside is starting to seep in your room, well you and your hookup partner, or perhaps your favourite Melbourne Escorts should get naked first, or strip before you get down!

Use Mint-Flavoured Lube, To Trick Your Brain
If your lady is going to give you a blowjob in quite steamy weather, perhaps you should her to use mint-flavoured lube, because this can certainly make the experience a little more appetising (and you trick your brain into forgetting how sweltering it is outside!)

Start the AC Before You Go Out for the Night
While we know that the air-conditioner bills are flying out of control, especially in the summer months, who cares if you really want to have great sex during sweltering temperatures? So, if you want to have sex, turn the AC on before you bring a lady friend home with you, because no one’s going to screw you if they walk into your home or apartment and it’s a sticky, humid swamp!

Keep the Shades Drawn
When things get real hot outside, keeping your shades drawn creates the illusion of a cool and sexy lair, and it keeps the sun’s evil rays from heating up your body. However, you will still need to close them anyway, to keep peeping Toms from seeing you and your girlfriend, or the lovely Melbourne Escorts!

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