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Melbourne Escorts – 5 Cool, New Places To Engage In A Quickie

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If someone mentions the word “quickie” perhaps a lot of things will race across your mind. For starters, the word generally means “a thing that’s done in a hasty manner”. And of course, that “thing” can also refer to sex, because a “quickie” also refers to a sexual romp that’s to the point, exciting and quite intense, and is more lust-driven than regular romantic sex! Well, apart from the bedroom of course, here are 5 cool, new places where lust-driven couples or partners can engage in a quickie.

With a lot of dark corners, lots of mixed drinks, and people rubbing or grinding against strangers, nightclubs are perfect places for having quickies. Just try heading to the best nightclub in town tonight, with your girlfriend, or your favourite Melbourne Escorts, and you’ll know what I mean! Thus, if you’re pulling out your bedroom moves on the club’s dance floor, why don’t you go all the way instead?

Video Arcades
The video arcade is one of the best places for having a quickie, simply because more people are staying at home playing video games,and only a few venture out into the video arcades today! The arcade’s large machines and loud beeping noises also make a perfect cover for concealing your naughty gaming adventure!

Repair Shops
No one certainly likes waiting for hours in a garage or repair shop to have their car fixed or dressed-up. But if you’re either waiting in line with a hot lady (or you meet a hot chick in the garage), perhaps you could sit back, enjoy the waiting, and engage in a steamy car quickie!

Supply Closets
When it comes to office romances and sex romps, storage rooms and supply closets are the most popular places for engaging in quickies, because these are often safely locked and secured, and only a few people enter it often. Here, you and your partner could perhaps try out different positions,and even play with props!

The Drive-In Movie
Drive-in movies are great places for watching movies, and something else sleazy! The drive in also reminds most people of their teenage or high school years,where guys and girls snuck around in the car with their romantic partners or friends with benefits. But who says the drive-in is only for teenagers,when you can got here tonight with your preferred Melbourne Escorts too!

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