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Melbourne Escorts – 5 of the Biggest Turn-offs Men Should Avoid

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When it comes to dating, there are many things that act as deal-breakers, and that’s a sad reality everyone has to accept. The ladies at Melbourne Escorts, for instance, can’t say ‘no’ to a client unless he doesn’t pass screening for one reason or the other. Unfortunately, hygiene isn’t often included in the screening process, so these lovely babes may have to deal with something unhygienic at some point.

If you don’t want to be the subject of one of their “horror stories at work”, here are some of the biggest turn-offs for women that make your appointment less enjoyable.

1. Not trimming your nails. Imagine having someone finger you or stick a finger up your ass – and then finding out their nails are long and can scratch, and finding this out the hard way. Long nails don’t do anything for the lady’s pleasure. Vaginal tears are a real thing, and you don’t want to be the cause of one.

2. Spraying on too much cologne. Ladies are usually more sensitive to smell, so a large amount can make her disoriented. Several babes add that a man’s natural musk – provided he’s had a bath recently – can be more attractive compared to going overboard with commercial scents.

3. Foregoing bathtime. While it’s true that men don’t do this as much anymore, there are still one or two who don’t shower as often as they should. As mentioned earlier, a man’s natural scent is alluring, but when it crosses into bad body odour territory, it can definitely be off-putting to a lady.

4. Not washing hair. When a lady wants to hint at how much she’s into kissing or fucking (whichever is happening at the time), she’ll often choose to run her fingers through her partner’s hair. If her hands come away feeling like she grabbed a greasy pot handle, or in general she feels they’re less clean, it’s a turn-off.

Not washing your hair every day is fine, but don’t let it get to the point that it’s all matted and greasy. One courtesan adds that, for her, the smell of freshly shampooed hair is the ultimate sign of cleanliness in a bloke.

These turn-offs are the main reason the lovely courtesans featured in the pages of Melbourne Escorts recommend bathing and brushing your teeth before an appointment. You won’t enjoy your time together as much if you don’t.

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