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Melbourne Escorts – A Better Sense of Smell Could Mean That Sexual Relations Are More Pleasant

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Melbourne Escorts

Did you know that your keen sense of smell can give you a better sex life? A new study has discovered that those who have sensitive olfactory senses find sex more satisfying. Small wonder then that men find the seasoned courtesans like the tempting Melbourne Escorts to be always a delight in the sack!

Better Smelling Ability Could Mean Pleasant Sex

According to the study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour, respondents admitted to having a more delightful sexual encounter due to their good sense of smell.

The research done at the Technical University of Dresden in Germany involved 42 females and 28 males with the ages of 18 to 26, whose smelling abilities were analysed. With the use of Sniffin’ Sticks, their olfactory abilities were evaluated. The Sniffin’ Sticks is a new test of nasal chemosensory performance with the help of pen-like odour dispensing devices.

Among other things, topics like sexual desire, experience, frequency of lovemaking, the length of sexual contact, as well as perception of pleasure during sexual intercourse, were asked.

Although there was no clear link established between smelling ability and sexual desire but the significant finding gathered from the research was that people who had ‘sharp noses’ (sensitive olfactory sense) noted having more enjoyable sexual encounters.

This was in comparison to the participants who had poor smelling abilities. Further, women with good olfactory senses were reported to experience amazing orgasms during intercourse. They are much luckier because with their superior sense of smell, they have a better chance at experiencing a more exhilarating climax.

You might still be confused as to how this could be possible but, according to the authors of the study, when a person is sensitive to scents such as sperm, vaginal fluids and perspiration, there’s a tendency for his/her sexual arousal to increase, thus, bringing the sexual experience to a higher level.

Hence, if you believe on this finding, you should try to take some whiffs of your significant other before the next sexual combat starts.

But then, the study team did take some external factors into account. For instance, the questionnaires didn’t include the aspect of menstrual cycle of the women respondents since previous research have found that monthly periods had also an impact on both sexual arousal and sense of smell.

Not All People Are Blessed With Good Sense Of Smell

Of course, some folks just aren’t blessed with sharp smelling abilities. If you’re one of them, there are still countless ways to enjoy more between the sheets.

If you scan the web, there are actually sex positions that are suited for the more adventurous in bed. For fascinating results, just give the ordinary man-on-top and doggy-style positions some twists, to mention just two.

Seated wheelbarrow – A twist to the doggy, the guy is seated while the girl’s legs are on either side of his hips, with her both hands on the floor.

Reverse missionary – Just like the 69, she lies on her back whilst he straddles her, only that it’s their genitals that are locked together, their heads far away facing opposite ends. She gets an exciting full view of her man’s arse while he slides back and forth.

If you want to know more, the enthralling Melbourne Escorts are just within your reach.

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