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Melbourne Escorts – A Fair Assessment of the Pros & Cons of the “The Snail” Sex Position

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Bored of doing the usual stuff in bed, like the missionary, or the woman on top? Perhaps you should try something unique, and “equally” challenging too, like – “The Snail” sex position! According to sex experts, The Snail sex pose is rated as 2/5 in the position difficulty scale, with 5 being the most intense. Here’s a fair and balanced assessment of the pros and cons of The Snail sex position.

The Pros
Ask your most recent hookup partner, or your most favourite Melbourne Escorts, if they’ve ever tried something like The Snail sex position, because if they haven’t tried it yet, might as well try it on tonight! Well, who says that sex at a snail’s pace cannot be so intense! The Snail position is actually deemed perfect for deeper sensations, without sacrificing the intimacy of face-to-face contact.

The position is also excellent for transitioning into from missionary, as the receiving partner raises their legs to meet the guy’s chest, and puts their legs over their partner’s shoulder. The motions for this position should also be a gentle slide forward and back, with knees and arms moving in concert almost as their limbs are mimicking the side of a shape as it moves from a parallelogram to a square and then back again. Oh my, and I thought The Snail was so simple and so easy!

The Cons
While The Snail is obviously a unique an excellent position for both vaginal and anal sex, the depthness of penetration means that plenty of lubrication, whether from extensive foreplay or a water-based lube, cannot be skipped.

This sex position might also remind you of accidentally getting folded up in a sofa bed, because one leg can be removed from the shoulder of the topping partner to let the receiver stretch their back out a bit!

But hey, perhaps with a little re-modification and adjustment, you may be able to fully enjoy The Snail sex position with your girlfriend, or your favourite Melbourne Escorts, tonight! Just bear in mind that snails do have sex too, and their erotic action can be quite intense as well!

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