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Regardless of whether you’re married or single, or divorced, your sex life will at some point be altered or affected by work-related stress, certain medical conditions and even daily responsibilities. This explains why many of us need a little something, to perk us in the mood. However, there are different ways to turn yourself on, and in the following paragraphs readers will have a fun and eye-popping look at the top turn-ons for guys and girls.

Women Who Sleep Longer Get Easily Turned On

Do you have an idea of what truly turns your partner on, or what turns on the lovely Melbourne Escorts that you love dating? According to a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, every extra hour that a woman sleeps increases her sexual desire by as much as 14%. The study also notes that women who sleep longer hours on a regular basis are easily turn on too.

But for men, adequate sleep, or just enough sleep, makes no difference in their urge to have sex. In fact, watching porn is as good for them as sleeping 8 to 9 hours a day! A research team from Concordia University and the University of California in Los Angeles studied men who are in serious relationships, but struggled with erectile dysfunction.

The men felt so aroused after watching a basic porn flick. This means that if a guy bugs his partner to watch an X-rated video, then the girl should say yes, provided she’s had a full night’s rest!

Women Are Turned On By The Smell Of Leather, Gasoline & Printer Ink

Here’s another study on what turns guys and girls on, that could perhaps raise a few eyebrows, and shock many! A survey conducted by noted soap-maker Daz involving 2,000 British participants has determined  that women were turned on by the smell of leather, paint, gasoline and printer ink!

On the other hand, men were turned on by the scent of baby lotion, lipstick and a roast dinner! We however, don’t have an idea on how this popular soap company came to these conclusions, although it seemed that the British study team was just trying to get women high in a different way.

Men Who Value Foreplay Are A Real Turn On To Women

Majority of women today are also turned on by men who are pleasure-oriented, instead of being performance-oriented. Guys who value, and understand that foreplay is a very important aspect of sex are also sought-after by today’s crop of liberated ladies.

But then of course, most men today prefer engaging in a lot of foreplay with their girlfriends, or their favourite Melbourne Escorts, before they head down to the main course!

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