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Melbourne Escorts – Ancient Eastern Practices are Now Creeping Into Our Bedrooms, and Our Sex Lives Too

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Looking for truly reliable, and very potent, sexual practices to espouse or follow? Well, look to the east (literally) for advice, as ancient practices from the Far East are now creeping into Western bedrooms, and are gaining a lot of attention from western sex therapists too. Let’s take a brief yet very interesting look at what these ancient sexual practices and philosophies are.

The Ideas and Exercises of Tantra are Gaining More Adherents in the West Now
If your girlfriend, or lovely Melbourne Escorts, is looking for something refreshing (and tried-and-tested too) to espouse and practice, perhaps you should refer them to the ideas and practices of “tantra”!

Tantra is a sexual practice and philosophy that is found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, and is believed to help enhance sexual experience and deepen emotional connections. Basically, tantric sex is all about enhancing the sexual experience by expanding your senses, as well as by deepening the connection between you’re and your partner.

How Exactly Do You Do Tantra?
However, tantric sex isn’t actually that much of a recent discovery by the West, as famed sex researchers Masters and Johnson in the 1960s have already began using, or rephrasing what was written in a set of Hindu texts, which are actually called the Tantras.

In Masters and Johnson’s terminology about the Tantras, “it’s moving from sexuality as a performance or demand towards an enhanced experience of the full aspects of sexual and sensual expression”.

But, how exactly do you do Tantra? According to Taoist sexual yoga (Or sexual chi kung), tantra teaches men to cultivate sexual energy to enhance their sexual prowess, and it teaches couples how to improve their experience by sharing energy.

To make tantric sex effective, you should not be a skeptic and practice it by heart. You also have to believe that a mystical life force called the “chi” flows through your body, and that it can be manipulated to affect multiple orgasms, or longer lovemaking sessions.

But to make tantric sex work wonders for you, as well your girlfriend, or your favourite Melbourne Escorts, schedule an appointment with a professional Tantric sex expert, so that you’ll learn the ins and out of tantra, and apply it in all aspects of your life, especially your erotic life!

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