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Melbourne Escorts and Your Dire Fetishes

Fetishes is a way of being sexually stimulated by a certain object or a situation. It is one of the most popular ways to engage in intercourse by using costumes, toys and other things that can sensually incite you. Men are generally sexual beings and are looking for more excitement in bed. Sometimes their girlfriends or spouses are not just comfortable of fulfilling these fantasies. That is where Melbourne escorts come in.

These courtesans are dire experts of the craft and can play any role that you want. All you have to do is inform her ahead of time. Keep in mind that there are some fixations that are restricted to these ladies such as excrement fetishes, extreme BDSM and as weird as it seems strangulation fetishes.

We have to keep in mind that safety is a must when performing role plays or fetishes. Be sure to refrain from sharp objects to avoid cutting yourself. Also, keep in mind that when you are engaging with fetishes, never forget to wear protection.

Here are a couple of examples that you can engage in when you are with Melbourne escorts:

  • Role play fetish. This is probably one of the most common fixations out there. Role playing is where you utilize costumes and play a certain role while having an intimate time. You can be as creative as you can be, from the forbidden student-teacher scenario to the horny nurse act.
  • Foot fetishes. Bordering unusual but still accepted by many, foot fetishes are common among men. Anything that involves your feet, accessorizing and even kissing it. As long as you maintain good hygiene, this fixation is on the safe side.
  • Domination. All men have that innate desire to be dominated by their partners and this fetish do just that. Utilizing handcuffs, whips and body-hugging latex outfits, domination is a wild way of engaging in intercourse.

If ever you feel like you need something that is more exciting than the traditional act, feel free to call our courtesans. Remember to give her enough information about what you want on your date and she will fulfill it for you.

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