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Melbourne Escorts – Classy Sexting Tips For Truly Classy Guys

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I guess you may have already heard of the word “sexting” and you want to try it out (but you’re just so scared of messing things up). According to sexting experts, to excel in the fine art of sexting, you should first hone your inner “sexual Shakespeare” skills, or at least learn enough common sense, and do a great deal of practicing too, so that you’ll easily get hookup partners, instead of freaking them out! Here are a couple of classy sexting tips for truly classy guys.

Slowly Build the Anticipation

The key to classy sexting is to slowly build the anticipation. Remember that by sexting too quickly, you can also overhype what real-life sex will actually be between the two of you. However, just don’t set expectations too high, because it would really be awkward to have perfect electronic chemistry, yet have zero face-to-face chemistry. But if sexting just seems too challenging for you, why don’t you enjoy a stress free “girlfriend experience’ with the lovely Melbourne Escorts instead?

Be Patient

The second tip is to wait to sext until you’ve actually had sex first. It’s because you won’t catch her completely off-guard, and slowly ease into graphic sexting after. Remember that there are too many people out there who do not enjoy sexting at all, so coming on too strong or too fast will definitely scare anyone away, especially your potential hookup partners!

Having Sex Gives you the Natural Opportunity to Start Sexting Again

And after successfully “luring” your potential hookup partner through sexting, of course what happens next is that you have great sex! What’s so nice is that having sex gives you a perfectly natural opportunity to start sexting again. And all you have to do is start with something like “I just can’t stop thinking about you last night”!

But then again, if sexting sounds too risky, or too awkward for you, perhaps you should bask in a lovely and soothing “girlfriend experience” with the hot and lovely Melbourne Escorts tonight, or this weekend!

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