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Melbourne Escorts – Commonly Used Slang Terms Escorts Use that You Need to Know

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Melbourne Escorts

Despite many men hiring escorts, there’s still that period of confusion, if only at the start, for those who turn to the service the first time. There are varying reasons for this. Maybe you’re not sure what agency to use, such as Melbourne Escorts, or you’re just overwhelmed. It could also be due to unfamiliarity with the slang terms you’ll find on an escort’s profile.

If this is the reason you’re confused, here’s a quick overview of the shortcuts or words typically used.

1. GFE. This is short for “Girlfriend Experience”. This can include anything from blowjobs to intercourse – with a condom. There may also be deep French kissing, and you can return the favour and give your companion a tongue lashing if you feel up to it. There are a few escorts who offer clients the opportunity to cum more than once in a session.

2. Russian. Also known as a “tit fuck”, it involves the client rubbing their cock in between the escort’s breasts. If you like seeing your dick sandwiched between a lady’s boobs, you know to look for this phrase on the escort’s page.

3. BBBJ. Short for “bare-back blow job”, or a blow job without a condom, not many parts of Australia allow this in the first place, since that condom is meant to protect both you and the escort. It’s in your best interest to use protection, but if you see this abbreviation, you’ll know the option is there.

4. DFK. An abbreviation of “deep French kissing”, this act can get passionate very quickly. Not all escorts offer a lot of kissing with substantial tongue contact, so if you’re chosen one does, you’ll want to prepare for things to start sizzling.

5. CIM. This stands for “Cum in Mouth”, and as you can likely tell, this only applies to escorts who work in areas where sex without condoms is permitted. In this case, your lovely companion will suck you off to completion and will let you shoot your load into her mouth. Of course, it’s up to her if she swallows or not.

Knowing these most commonly used terms should give you even a slightly clearer picture of what to expect when looking through the pages at Melbourne Escorts. Remember – in the end, it’s the escorts who have the final say in what they feel comfortable doing, as far as their services are concerned.

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