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Melbourne Escorts – Dating Website Reveals The Most Common Sex Problems That are “Killing” People Today

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What’s “killing” most people in bed? Nope, I’m not literally saying that something is actually killing people, but what I meant was that what’s killing a man or woman’s libido! Well, look no further for the answers, as dating website eHarmony just released the contents of their survey, which reveals the most common problems that are making many folks conk out in bed.

Work-Related Stress Tops the List
So what exactly is bugging people the most when it comes to romance and sex? Well, the eHarmony survey reveals that work-related stress tops the list, with 34% of men and 36% of women saying it has had a negative impact on their bedroom activities. But then again, I guess stress doesn’t bother you that much, as you have the luxury of spending more quality bedtime with the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts!

Someone Being Too Tired for Sex Bugs Many People Today
If negative factors are putting a strain on your relationship as well as your sex life, there are ways you can fix things. But what if it’s your partner that’s the problem? Well, around 28% of men and 38% of women complained about someone being “too tired for sex”.

Low Sex Drive and Boring Sex Round-up the List
The eHarmony survey also revealed that 21% of men and 35% of women complained of having a low sex drive, while 13% of guys and 16% of the ladies also complained about their partner boring them to sleep while having sex!

And according to eHarmony, the couples who reported being the happiest in their relationships (as well as in bed) were the ones who have “open communication with their partner”. This can mean talking to each other, or talking to a therapist, or to friends.

But then again, if your sex life is as lively and exciting as ever, who’s stopping you from enjoying more erotic adventures in bed with the hot and sizzling Melbourne Escorts!

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