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Melbourne Escorts – Ditch These Habits and Keep the Sex Sizzling

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The saying “old habits die hard,” is particularly true when you’re trying to change your bedroom moves into something better. The lovely vixens at Melbourne Escorts have their own routines in bed, of course – but it took some time to hone their bedroom skills.

Even if you’ve had some experience yourself, there could be one or two techniques you use that actually don’t help, or else put her out of the horny mood. Here are some examples.

1. Cramming in those fingers. It’s true that there are ladies who like it rough; however, you don’t have to rush to insert all those fingers in her. The best way to build anticipation and arouse her more is actually to go slow, so that she’s ultimately desperate to be stuffed.

Instead, use just one finger at first, bending it a bit so you can stroke her G-spot. Or else make a ‘V’ shape with your first 2 fingers and rest them on either side of her clit then rubbing in up-and-down motions.

2. Not going down on her. What bloke doesn’t love it when a lovely babe gives head? Even if not all your partners were open to the idea of you going down on them, that doesn’t mean you should disregard it. There’s no need to rush when it comes to mastering oral sex, but you do have to be open to exploring and experimenting when you give her a tongue lashing.

Just remember to ask if she wants you to, since having someone’s face between her legs may be too much for her.

3. Not slowing down. By now, you’ve seen at least one porn film where the male lead has a huge dong, and the female lead comes from hard and fast thrusting. Reality is far different; in fact, you should go slow so you both enjoy the sensations more. She has time to really get into it, and you won’t feel tired as easily compared to when you just thrust away.

If you slow down, you can be sure she’s not faking that orgasm.

Want to hone your bedroom routine but don’t have a committed partner? Browse the gallery at Melbourne Escorts to find the best pleasure professional for you, today!

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