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Melbourne Escorts- Eating More Cheese Can Make You Live Longer, and Have Better Sex

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Cheese is that fatty, salty substance that makes our breakfast and dinner tables more enticing, and makes life worth living too. However, this substance also finds itself in the centre of controversy in the health and wellness realm, with some health experts saying that it’s filled with too much saturated fat, and that it’s bad for lactose-intolerant individuals too. On the other hand, cheese is so damn delicious, and a new study also says that it can make you live longer, and have a better sex life too!

It’s All Thanks to a Substance Called Spermidine

Looking to live a longer and fuller life? And looking forward to a more exciting sex life as well, to the delight of ladies like the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts? Perhaps you should start eating more cheese today!

Health researchers say that it’s all because of a substance called spermidine, which is a compound found in living organisms which is vital for cell survival and growth. You can also find spermidine in several plant-based foods like soy beans, mushrooms, lentils and broccoli. However, those aren’t as fun, and as yummy, to talk about as cheese!

According to one study, mice who were given spermidine in water had more improved heart function, lower blood pressure and lived longer lives, as compared to mice who just drank plain water.

Does Spermidine Affect Humans in the Same Way?

If you’d like to be blessed with the effects of spermidine, you better be choosy with your cheeses, and go for aged cheeses, especially those in the blue family. But does spermidine affect humans in the same way as mice?

In an Italian study of 800 men, those who ate more cheese regularly had lower blood pressure and lower risk of heart failure, as well as cardiovascular disease than their cheese-avoiding counterparts.

So, have more than your usual fill of blue cheese, so that you’ll live a longer life, and you’ll have more fun times in bed too with ladies like the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts!

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