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If you’ve seen guy flash his genitals on a busy street corner, or if you’ve seen a lovely lady run naked across the field during a football game, perhaps you thought they were crazy. Well, it could be possible that those individuals were simply practising a favourite fetish or kink, which is “exhibitionism”! Before you start making conclusions on the mental makeup of that flasher in a long trench coat, here’s a look at the real truth of what exhibitionism is all about.

What’s It All About?

Have you ever thought of baring yourself in public? Or has your girlfriend, or favourite Melbourne Escorts, ever dreamed of flashing their private parts in public too? According to psychologists and sex experts, exhibitionism is a broad term which refers to everything from having sex outside to exposing yourself to other people in public!

There are actually varying degrees of exhibitionism, from the naughty yet “situational appropriate” activities like skinny-dipping on an isolated beach, to extremes such as having sex in a very busy park! Many of those who bare themselves in public often get pleasure from the shocked response or reaction when they expose themselves to unwitting strangers!

What’s The Appeal of Exhibitionism?

According to psychologists and researchers, half of the appeal of exhibitionism is the idea that the one doing it may get caught, especially when it comes to having sex someplace you shouldn’t!

According to those who’ve already exposed themselves in public, their blood flow pounds, and their senses get heightened, when they’re being wary of being discovered. Many also feel elated when they see the shocked, or surprised, reactions of unwitting strangers!

But before you try exploring the bizarre yet exciting world of exhibitionism, first make sure you  check the laws and ordinances in your town or city, because public sex or flashing your genitals in public could be considered a crime! But if you want to stay on the safe side, why don’t you just flaunt your erotic fantasies or desires in private, perhaps with your girlfriend, or with your preferred Melbourne Escorts!

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