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Melbourne Escorts – Helpful Face-Saving Ideas on How to Survive 3 Awkward Sex Moments

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Have you ever figured in a truly embarrassing and awkward sex moment? Regardless of whether you’re walked in or you just had too much to drink, encountering the occasional embarrassing moment during sex is inevitable, and is but a normal part of life. But don’t fret, because there’s always a way to survive every awkward sex moment. Here are a couple of face-saving ideas on how to survive 3 awkward sex moments.

The Fun Ends Early
Don’t you feel so pissed off when it all ends in less than 60 seconds, and your hookup partner, or your favourite Melbourne Escorts is clueless, and literally left in limbo? If you got too excited, too fast, don’t worry, because if it’s an occasional occurrence, then be glad it’s not likely premature ejaculation! (PE).

But if you’ve been found to suffer from PE, there are countless ways you can give your partner erotic pleasure and orgasms without using your dick, and there are various doctor-approved supplements or medications that you can take to increase the longevity of your manhood!

You Did Not Have Time to Shower
If your girl surprised you, and you didn’t have time to wash up and shower, you’d probably worry that you may smell like a trash can down below. However, you don’t want to say no to her, or make her puke?

If you were expecting to have sex and are suddenly presented with the opportunity (but you haven’t showered yet), why not invite your partner to join you in the shower instead?

You Drank Too Much
If you’ve just had a really long night and you’ve also had too much to drink, you’d probably be thinking “I can do this”, but in truth you’re just so worn out. Well, if you want to drink, then go ahead and drink bit do not expect to have truly fulfilling sex.

But if you really want to have sex with your hookup buddy, or with your preferred Melbourne Escorts, then don’t have more than a couple of drinks. Remember that penises are often smarter than the men they are attached to, and they don’t respond in situations where they don’t feel safe (especially when the guy who wants to use them is incapacitated by alcohol!).

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