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Melbourne Escorts – If Your Girl’s A Narcissist, Here Are The Five Best Reasons You Should Break Up with Her

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In an ideal world, a good romantic relationship would bring out the best in both people involved. After all, you’d choose your partner based on certain aspects – aside from her having a body like one of the Melbourne escorts you see online from time to time. You’re looking for someone who shares at least a few of your interests, not to mention supports and cares for you.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t as ideal as that, and there are instances where one person pays too much attention to themselves rather than to their partners, thus tipping the balance in the relationship. That can put unnecessary stress on the relationship, and in time, things will just start crumbling away – such as when you’re dealing with a narcissistic partner.

While there are people who can stand to be in a relationship with a narcissistic partner, you don’t have to stay in it if you’re losing yourself or giving too much of yourself in the process. That said, here are the top reasons to wave her goodbye.

1. Breaking up can get a person to change. There’s a chance that a narcissistic partner will think you don’t deserve her and that’s why you broke up, she’s bound to start thinking of the actual reason behind it. She’s still human, after all, there can still have even the tiniest wake-up call as regards her behaviour.

2. Breaking up means You’re freeing yourself of the burden. It’s obvious that narcissists are high-maintenance partners, requiring more understanding and patience if you want this particular boat to set sail.

The thing is, you don’t deserve to be treated the way your narcissistic partner often does. Relationships should be give-and-take, and the narcissist is bound to keep taking and taking, while you keep giving and giving.

3. Breaking up gives your friends and family space to breathe. One of the bigger consequences of dating a narcissist is being cut off from other people, especially your loved ones. It’s very likely that they were apprehensive of your chosen partner and kept their distance.

When you leave your narcissistic partner, you now have a chance to reconnect with your friends and family, mending any relationships that your ex may have almost destroyed with her demanding, off-putting ways.

4. Breaking up puts an end to the self-defeating. To a narcissist, a relationship is only worth it thanks to the rewards they can get. Putting up with her behaviour isn’t the highest form of love – you’re simply tolerating her. When someone doesn’t care for you, you need to do what’s best for you and stay away.

5. Breaking up means you can start learning. Even with all the negative emotions usually associated with break-ups, you still pick up some valuable life lessons from the experience. In this case, you be drawn to someone’s good looks – perhaps like you’d be drawn to one of the Melbourne escorts online – but in the end, who she is as a person is what matters most.

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