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Melbourne Escorts – Jolly, Jaw-Dropping Facts About “Jelqing”

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Looking to “increase” or “extend” the size of your manhood? According to health experts, penis size greatly varies by nationality and genetic, with the average length in the US pegged at 5.6 inches when erect and 4.8 inches in circumference. That being said, if you are unsatisfied with your penis size, and you seek to improve it, perhaps you should try the practice of “jelqing”! Here are a couple of jolly, jaw-dropping facts about jelqing.

What’s Jelqing?
If you’d like to increase the size of your manhood, and make your hookup buddies, as well as your favourite Melbourne Escorts, more happy and satisfied in bed, perhaps you should carefully consider jelqing, although the guarantees of jelqing are not quit accurate and worth the risk!

According to experts, jelqing is defined as the method of supposed penis enlargement where the guy massages, pulls and stretches the penis to have it engorged with blood, in the hopes of enlarging the penis overall.

The method is also defined as “a shaft-stroking penis-stretching exercise which causes micro-tears in the penis tissue, and involves using a firm, stroking motion to force nutrient-rich blood into the penis.

The Proper Jelqing Routine
To warm up before jelqing, all the guy needs is to take a warm shower, achieve semi-erection, and wrap his penis in a warm towel for about 15 minutes. For the jelqing routine, apply a high-quality water-based lube to your penis, make an “okay” sign with the thumb and a forefinger on your right hand, and squeeze your shaft at the very base of your penis.

While keeping pressure by your hand, you need to slide it up gradually to the corona of your glans. This movement should be gradual and take you between 2 to 3 seconds. Do not force it, as well as don’t jelq your glans, and stop if you notice any significant discomfort.

Your left hand should follow and repeat the process from the second step, and continue switching your hands for around 50 times. The bonus of doing this is that your girlfriend, or even your favourite Melbourne Escorts, can take turns in helping you jelq!

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