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Melbourne Escorts – More Facts About the Ideal Time Spent for Shagging, or Making Love

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What’s the ideal time or duration for sexual intercourse? Well that remains to be a quite debatable, and fairly subjective topic, because we all have different likes and turn-ons, and of course we all derive sexual satisfaction in different ways. And of course, the last thing we’re suggesting is that we all get busy in the sheets to the accompaniment of a ticking stopwatch! Here are a couple of facts and figures on what’s the ideal time spent shagging, or making love.

Between 7 to 13 Minutes is the “Ideal” Duration for Sex
How long do your regular bedroom encounters with the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts normally last? A study done in 2005 by American physician Dr. Irwin Goldstein on 1,500 couples to determine the average duration of their lovemaking sessions reveals quite eye-opening details regarding how couples determine the length of time they would like their lusty liaisons to last.

The findings showed that shagging between 1 to 2 minutes was deemed “too short”, while sex sessions that lasted between 3 and 7 minutes was deemed “satisfactory”, and shagging done between 7 to 13 minutes was deemed as the “ideal duration”! However, erotic romps that went over 13 minutes were deemed as a bit “too long”!

The Ideal Length of Time an Erotic Romp Should Last is From 17 to 43 Minutes
If your mind’s already gone a little bit woozy from all that math about the ideal shagging time, here’s more –Ten to thirty minutes of foreplay in addition to between 7 and 13 minutes of sex means that the ideal length of time a session should last is anywhere from 17 to 43 minutes, depending on your penchant for foreplay, and of course the main event itself!

However, whether it’s your fifteen minutes of fame, or just 7 minutes in erotic heaven, everyone gets their time to shine at some point. So, how long will yours last, especially if you’re in action with the hot and sexy Melbourne Escorts or London Tantric Massage?

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