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It’s sad but true – not all relationships are meant to last. You can go from loving your partner, to hating the sight of them or else feeling nothing when you’re around them, for example. The lovely vixens at Melbourne Escorts may be the closest you’ll get to a real relationship, without the downsides to them. But you can’t rely on escorts forever, of course.

So if you find yourself partnered up, but realise that warm and bubbly feeling is starting to die, can you just up and leave your partner? You could, but somehow leaving with no explanation feels like the cowardly way out. Give both you and your soon-to-be-ex a sense of closure by giving them a reason, however vague, like the examples below.

1. You haven’t been happy for some time. There are some relationships where you just don’t feel happy with the other person any more. It’s one thing to go through a rough patch, but settling for it and living in one is something else. If you know you’re no longer happy with your partner, it’s a good reason to walk away.

2. You’re just avoiding being single. If you’re in a relationship just to avoid being single, that’s not a good sign. After all, you were single before you started dating this person, and you fine then. There’s no reason for you to stay in the relationship if this is what’s going on with the both of you – and especially if you really can’t seem to see a future with them.

3. You’re doing all the work. Maybe it feels like you’re doing all you can, and then some, to make the relationship work. Your partner helps, but rarely. If this is the kind of relationship you’re in, where everything rests on your shoulders, it’s time to leave it behind.

4. You’re always fighting. There’s no question that couples fight now and then, but they usually make up and forgive each other. If your relationship is one where you keep fighting, without actually resolving things, then it’s time walk away because it’s no longer healthy.

5. You have no good reason to stay. Sometimes, not having a reason to fight for the relationship is a good enough reason to leave.

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